4.5 5 0 58 58 Regenerate yourself with this gently exfoliating shower scrub with Dead Sea Salt, Aloe Vera and Water Mint. Let the fresh fragrance revitalise your body & mind.
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This smell nice and does exactly what it says i have used this many times before and even my partner has used it and agrees its a good product
Nice smell but....
Nice smell but it dosnt really exfoliat you. Wouldn't buy this to exfoliat my body
Lovely shower gel
I love this shower gel. It smells absolutely lovely. It is quite hard to find in shops but I think that is because it is so popular. It is really nice to shower with.
Gorgeus smell
I purchased this product once and regret I can not find it anymore when shopping. It is brilliant way how to scrub and wash my body in the same time. Smell was amazing. If will find definetely will buy again.
Very nice
This shower gel has a lovely smell and I live the blue colour of it. I have bought this a few times over the last couple of years.
Smells amazing
Brilliant product so no d on the skin. Leaving the skin so soft and smooth.
Really lovely smell, feels fresh and leaves the skin clean and soft
I have tried this product and it is very refreshing and smells good. It does not dry your skin. Use very little daily while bathing! I will rate this 10/10
Sooo nice
Looking at this in hear just makes me want to go buy one I love this scrub feels sooo good on your skin and smells lush
Good product
Good shower gel, with a fresh scent. Works better when used with an exfoliating glove.
Best exfoliator!
I have tried many exfoliators and I always come back to this one. I love it. Smells amazing too!
Love the smell and the little micro beads which give the fresh skin feeling after use. I only use Palmolive products The texture is silky and the butter is well packed and contains quite a lot. My go to product always
Smells so refreshing and it's long lasting to. The only thing is I'm not to keen on the bits in the shower jell they always stick to the bottom of my bath but still worth it for the scent. Just a bit gritty on my skin to.
I like this product - the smell, the feeling of freshness and the price are perfect. I love the exfoliation. If only it was sold in bigger bottles!
Palmolive Shower and Massage
Lovely and refreshing. Gives a great exfoliating experience

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