4.5 5 0 12 12 Whip your hair back to life in 60 seconds flat when you use Pantene Cheat Day Dry Shampoo Foam. This refreshing, residue-free, waterless wash makes saving time a cinch. Use it to freshen up and remove extra oil from any hair type—from curly to fine—without sulfates or parabens. You’ll also love its creamy vanilla and jasmine scent. Plus, it’s made with Pro-Vitamin B5 and tapioca for full, healthy-looking, oil-free hair. That means you can cheat your way to a #greathairday.
Pantene Cheat Day Dry Shampoo Foam
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Love it
Most of the usual dry shampoo sprays give me an incredibly itchy scalp. I liked the fact this is a foam formula. It smells great, freshens hair and no itching. I purchased the small size but I will now get the full-size one.
Perfect dryness
I'm not keen on dry shampoo but this was just what I need it made my hair smell amazing and was such a great product especially with everything going on it perfect for anyone to try
Very good
If you don't have time to wash hair that morning this is a go to product. Leaves hair looking and smelling f refreshed for the day
good idea!!!! I never really liked other dry shampoo they usually lives my scalp itchy and feeling uncomfortable but this one is excellent !!!
Better out there
Better brands available for similar products. Unfortunately did not get on with this
An easy option
This does have a lovely fragrance, it does freshen up your hair and leaves no little white specs as others do! It is very expensive in my opinion though.
Dry shampoo
Had a nice smell too it, I loved it compared to dry shampoos I have used previously. Other ones I have used they leave a white residue behind this one doesn’t. I will be purchasing it again.
Brilliant alternative to dry shampoo
I loved this!! Easy to apply and no horrible white residue I sometimes get with a regular dry shampoo. Amazing smell and my hair looked great. Will definitely be adding this to my regular purchases.
Refreshing smell
I really liked this, I work odd hrs and sometimes, much as I would love to wash my hair every day, I don’t always have the time so this is a great quick fix!! It smells lovely too! The only thing is the price, £9.99 so I would be hesitant of buying again as although it’s super there are cheaper products on the market that do pretty much the same job.
Very good product leaves your hair feeling absolutley amazing i would definitley recommend.
Great Product
I am a huge lover of dry shampoo. I usually stick to my same favourite brands but I saw this and thought I had to try it. I was sceptical about it being a foam at first, rather than a dry spray, but I was really pleased with the results. It left my hair feeling and looking refreshed, with a nice scent
Expensive but its worth to pay for value
Its great dry shampoo. Bought it in Boots. Has lovely scent. And what is most important: Really works!!! For some people price £9.99 for dry shampoo might to be seem as very expensive. But truly is worth every penny. After use leaves hair soft, fresh, removes oil. Great product between wet washes. I would recommend it to my friend. Comparing with other brand which i used before This is number 1.
Oh would love to try this product cause I would probably save me an extra day from washing thankyou
I look the like and smell of this product I would love to try it as suffer with fine dry hair I am not working so too much for me to buy

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