3.7 5 0 15 15 Pantene Pro-V Air-light foam conditioner Colour Protect gives fine hair all the nourishment and conditioning it needs, without weighing it down. It helps protect your coloured hair against styling damage and leaves it easy to detangle and full of healthy looking volume. The air-light foamy texture is absorbed deep into the hair and moisturises it from the inside out – without leaving unwanted residue on the outside that could weigh down fine hair
Pantene Pro-V In-Shower Foam Conditioner
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Not my favourite
Bought this on sale to try once, wasn’t very satisfied definitely wouldn’t pay full price. It foams out just like a shaving cream. Does the job but there are better conditioners on the market !
It's hard to determine it is difficult for me to determine, I like PANTENE products, but is this conditioner good or rather so-so. Hair is easier to comb, maybe a little shinier, but it does not go crazy, I put it down and I will not return, I know better nutrients for less money. Maybe for people who have more problematic hair would work better :)
Convenient to use
I love using conditioners but dont like the weighed down feeling. This has eliminated that weighed down feeling. Its lightweight, easy to use and comes out very well. Soaks in really well. Loved it
It has a nice clean smell and works well however I don't think it conditions very well.
Quick, easy and effective
Smells lovely and simple to use mousse..great for on the go daily use. Light conditioner, really good for fine hair without weighing it down. This is the second time I've purchased it, leaves hair feeling clean and smells lovely.
Not That good
Love to try new things. Got a free sample to try and I can say not for me my hair did not feel like I had put any conditioner on my hair. Don't think I will be getting this one again. May be god for other people just not for me.
Good product
I have used this product for around 2 months now. I must say it does the job as to making you hair feel not so weighed down. I definately recommend this product only reason for it being 4 star is the price tag.
Easy to use
The positive of this is the ease of using it but that's about it. It feels soft on your hair in the shower but the hair doesn't feel as soft once fully washed out. You don't seem to get that much in a can either; not as much as in a normal bottle. All style and no substance.
Pantene Pro-V In-Shower Foam Conditioner
Very easy to use, leaves hair hydrated and light. Perfect for fine hair and lack of gloss
love pantene,but not this product unfortunately left hair limp and not very manageable. .
Best conditioner out there. Leaves hair soft and smelling nice. Very light and easy to wash off.
I love this conditioner. It leaves my hair feeling nice and soft and best of all does not take an age to rinse off. As it is a foam it does not slip through your fingers so it goes on your hair and not the showed floor. I would recommend this and I will continue to use it myself.
I loved this product! It leaves my hair really soft and it is so light!
When I first saw the ad. I was a bit hesitant about having a conditioner moose in the shower. The last time I used a moosey product was in the 90's and I still see moose as a styling product. But I love the brand no matter what my hairdresser says! My hairdressers touch my hair and always say, 'It's so soft and shiny what do you use?'When I say, 'Pantene' they always say, 'Oh that's bad stuff very very bad!.' I think they say this because they want to sell me their own inferior product, at a much higher price. Anyway I gave the foam conditioner a go at the weekend. I love the feel of it when I rub it into my hair. It doesn't smell like regular Pantene products do But it has a pleasant smell and leaves my hair looking and felling great just like my hairdresser says before she realises she won't be getting her commission from me! Well done PG it's a really unique and special product!
I love this product so creamy and leaves my hair so soft an And conditioned

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