PEDIGREE Ranchos Dog Treats with Beef

4.7 5 0 173 173 PEDIGREE® RANCHOS™ Originals dog treats are carefully dried to have the tantalising smell and taste that dogs adore. Discover our beef flavoured Ranchos treats which contain 95% of meat and animal derivatives - Plus, there are no artifical colours or flavours! Dogs will absolutley love this meaty treat, they are irresistible
PEDIGREE Ranchos Dog Treats with Beef


Dog loves it
I use this to train my dog - he is really picky on his snacks, although these always work!:D the smell is nice so I believe the taste for the dog is great too - also this is made on high standards
No no no
I do not recommend for dog any products from pedigree. Most of the vets saying they are not safe to eat for dogs. I do not recommend.
My dogs seem to love!
Having 2 dogs always on a look out for a different treat. These certainly didn't disappoint them!.They look and seems,quite meaty and my dogs woofed them down so a big thumbs up from them!
Poochie loved them
My very fussy dog loves these. Annoyingly now sits by the treat drawer waiting. Takes her quite awhile to nibble through them which is great. Has a good beefy smell.
My dog loves them❤
My dog love these treats,sits waiting for them ,she looks forward to her treat every day,eats them all up, no waste, so top Mark's from me.
My puggle is obsessed
All I have to do is get the packet out and she is there drooling over these. Her favourite morning treat by far!
Dog treats
My two babies jacks Russel love these treats always no when I go out shopping I will bring them some home they both love the beef flavour highly recommended for all your fur babies
Love them
I have 3 Lurchers and they absolutely love them. They sit begging at their cupboard. Only wish the packet was bigger 😆
Dog’s favourite
First time I have purchased these and now a favourite with my dogs.
How to bribe your dog
Big big hit in this house. Top points from my lab and my doodle. We have to keep moving them or they sit at the draw they kept in and look at you with them puppy dog eyes like they are badly done too lol. On the plus ive bribed them to do tricks
It's a yes from my cocker
Oh my goodness it's a definite yes from my cocker spaniel he absolutely loves these and can't wait to get a treat. These will Definitely be on my shopping list from now on, he loves these so much, he gets excited when I pick up the pack
My doggos love these!
Bought these the other day like a random let me give it a go!! And now I can't move my dog from the treat counter because she loved them so much. At bedtime I have to move them to the bedroom so she will come to bed.
Big Hit
Our 3 Boys love these! One of their favourite treats. Expensive to buy though - they don’t last 2 seconds before they want more!
My dog is fussy eater even when it comes to treats. But this one he never refuses.
My dog loves these
These are the perfect meaty treat for my dog he drools over them and gets excited when he hears the pack opening I’m going to purchase these again as my dog loves them so much.

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