Pip & Nut Super Roasted Extra Crunchy Peanut Butter

4.6 5 0 136 136 Pip & Nut's Super Roasted Peanut Butter has an extra rich, nutty flavour thanks to the peanuts being roasted for longer. It's topped off with extra crunchy pieces of real peanut, making this peanut butter 'super' indeed.
Pip & Nut Super Roasted Extra Crunchy Peanut Butter


Peanut butter is a big thing in our house, and when I had a chance to try this I wasn't unhappy. My first impression was of delight that it contained no palm oil, however, my delight soon reduced when I opened the tub and found it floating in oil. I mixed it through but it did little to reduce. However, I cannot fault the flavour and crunchiness of the product. Both were absolutely lovely. It is a little on the expensive side, but sometimes you get what you pay for.
nice product, like the others though
it's nice but its quite like the other brands, except its very expensive so i wouldn't buy often unless on sale and has a unique flavour added because those are really nice from this brand
Pip & Nut has to be one of my fav peanut butter brands! They have the best consistency and are very tasty. A bit pricy but I think it's worth the money as it's very good quality and is made with great ingredients.
Decent product
I purchased this as I’m not overly a huge fan of peanut butter but wanted to try it with fruit for example dipping apples. This was great for this, however I am not a fan of it as spread.
Best on the market
Pip and nut is the best!! It tastes so natural. Although the texture is quite runny I like it that way - give it a good stir before you use it and it’s perfect! It’s more expensive then other products but it’s worth every extra pence you pay.
Very good product
Nice and crunchy. It is a winner in our house. My kids love it
good value peanut butter
It tastes nicer and healthier than other peanut butter I normally find at the supermarket. Natural, smooth taste. I would prefer it a bit crouncier but it's a personal preference
Too runny
I find this too runny for my likening, it’s got a strange texture (perhaps I’m too used to other brands). The flavour however is very good and I love how natural it is.
Better than most!
My husband's been working his way through a whole lot of peanut butter this summer. Usually he goes for Meridian, but this one worked as a replacement. It's not as good overall – partly because it has salt in so it doesn't work in smoothies, for example – but it was definitely better than most other brands he's tried. Much more natural and a great flavour.
My favourite peanut butter brand!
Pip & Nut is my favourite peanut butter on the market firstly because its tastes great and secondly its from a sustainable brand! All natural product with no unnecessary ingredients including palm oil. There is sometimes oil on the top (as they don't use emulsifiers) but just needs a mix. The other favours are equally as delicious.
Delicious and naturally sweet
The only peanut butter brand I've tried that has naturally sweet tasting peanut butter! Love the extra crunchiness and love that it's a lovely runny texture, not a pasty peanut butter.
Runny & Tasty!
Really nice peanut butter, very runny and very tasty.
really good
I loved this peanut butter. we tend to try new things and when purchasing items take 2 of different kinds. last time we tried this and the taste was really amazing. it reminded me some taste of childhood. the product we would look forward to buy again.
Runny Peanut butter
This is my favourite peanut butter due to the texture - both runny and crunchy - it is unique in the market. Not only this but it is incredibly versatile and can be eaten on it's own, used as a spread, accompaniment or as an ingredient for recipes.
I love peanut butter and and always up for trying new products when they come out. I was a little worried when I saw the amount of oil sitting in the top but after a good stir it was fine. The texture was beautiful and would recommend

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