4.6 5 0 119 119 Pip & Nut's Super Roasted Peanut Butter has an extra rich, nutty flavour thanks to the peanuts being roasted for longer. It's topped off with extra crunchy pieces of real peanut, making this peanut butter 'super' indeed.
Pip & Nut Super Roasted Extra Crunchy Peanut Butter
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love this peanut butter a lot! their whole range of almond and peanut butters are great, but this one has a specifically yummy deep and rich nutty flavour that i'd highly recommend
Super delicious
This peanut butter is lovely it's creamy and full of peanuts unlike other brands that skimp a bit of the nuts. I love the design on the jar too. I also made peanut cookie's with this too and they were delicious. Well worth the purchase
Pricey (in comparison to other brands) but good
Pricier than other peanut butters but super good, particularly if you're attempting a keto diet Really nice, no bad bits
crunchy heaven
My favourite peanut butter so far , no nasty products inside which is really important as I use it when I'm on diet to add it to my postworkout shakes
Blooming lovely
Having tried many other versions this was not expected to differ much but super crunchy and very tasty. Loved this peanut butter. Great as a quick snack before the gym
Tried this recently. I am a big Peanut Butter fan, this is one of the best that I have tried
Love this!
This has become a regular in my home - love it. Not to sweet or sickly and the roasted flavour really comes through.
very tasty
I love peanut butter and this one is perfect. Very nutty which is perfect. Definitely will be buying this one again.
Love it
I love the peanut butters specially the crunchy peanuts butter, I love the roasted taste.
I have tried a couple of these nut butters. My favourite is the almond and coconut flavour. It's nice to have a different flavour to spread on my toast or crackers. A family member has been seen scooping a spoonful straight from the jar and then placed in their mouth (no double dipping witnessed).
Best Peanut Butter
My daughter love peanut butter when I buy this one My daughter say mummy always bye Pip & Nut's Super Roasted Peanut Butter Then I try I like it too Today Second jar finish
Peanut butter
One of my favorite peanut butter brands so far. So nice and crunchy goes so well on my PBJ sandwich or in my Keto diet. I love this product and I wouldn’t thing of anything that can make it better unles they come up with bigger size.
Woow!! I actually Bought it a few weeks ago and it's absolutely one of my favourites so far.. it's healthy and so delicious. Add it got no oils added which is great
Good price for good quality nice flavour and smooth
Really good
Its healthy and so tasty. I love it becuase is no add the wrong oil

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