Podberry Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar

3.8 5 0 14 14 These crunchy little snacks are made from real peas, which are freeze-dried before being lightly seasoned with a delicious combination of sea salt and balsamic vinegar.
Podberry Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar


Not for me
I didnt enjoy these at all I'm sorry, I'm sure they are enjoyed by others but I just couldn't get on board, strange taste & texture
Great tasting
The flavour of the balsamic vinegar and sea salt is definitely coming through, the texture is really nice not to hard or soft. I did find after a few my mouth started to dry up.
Nice flavour
Tiny bag thats quite expensive. Flavour was nice but they do get a bit boring to eat. Not a huge fan and dont think i would buy them again as had better for less expense. Nice bag design though
these are really nice
i really didn't know if i would like these but tried them so glad i did as these are really nice they do have a strong flavour but i like that they are a great filling snack have brought some more
Great flavour
I really like these, a really strong flavour. Personally, its a touch too strong for me to have a full pack, but I like them a lot
Nice but lacks a wow!
Nice, pleasant and a nice change from crisps and the usual snack but it did lack a bit of omph and flavour. It was subtle not a strong hit like you want or expect from salt and vinegar.
I was intrigued and pleasantly surprised
Lovely and different with a taste unlike anything else. One can't attempt to describe it but I can only say I was expecting to try one and throw the bag away instead they are a regular item on my shopping list . Peas , salt and vinegar all I can say is try them and like me you'll be hooked . Oh and I can't stand peas oddly enoug . To summarise it's a big yes from me for this cheeky quirky and somewhat unlikely snack try them and see you won't regret it
great snack
I really, really like these and there is a bonus that they are high in fiber. Shame there isn't a salt free option or I'd eat even more of them. It looks as if they may be ceasing production, based on the number of supermarkets that seem to be dumping them (hopefully it is an attempt to break these into the market place), but I hope I'm wrong about that
Not perfect but very good
Savoury, crunchy, tasty snacks. Weird texture! I see the appeal to some, but it didn’t quite hit the mark perfectly with me. Would still happily eat them again. I would recommend this to anyone looking for healthy alternatives to crisps.
Interesting healthy snack
Tried these in The House of Bruar during one of their tastings. The product has very pleasant taste, it almost feels like eating a fresh pea just with an extra crunch. The vinegar flavour is not too overwhelming and feels just right. I would recommend these to anyone trying to find new healthy snacks for their lunch boxes.
Lack of taste
Got a free sample of these at the good food show and was excited to try them. I was sadly underwhelmed. They had hardly any taste and they are even in the shape of peas which is confusing to eat!
Good alternative
You get a the crunch and the flavour to fulfil a crisp craving. These are a great healthy alternative
Love these
These are just lovely, nicely seasoned and a great alternative to crisps
Pod snacks
I loved them great flavour gluten free use it as part food nibbles went down a treat now on the shopping list

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