4.6 5 0 173 173 Thai sweet chilli popped potato chips. This is a no-fry zone. Boiling in oil used to be something you did to your enemies. But crisp makers do it to potatoes. They must really hate potatoes. We don't, we love them. We take potatoes, add heat and pressure, then pop! It's a perfectly seasoned chip that tastes as good as fried. So eat popchips, and feel the love in every bite. Half the fat of fried crisps* * 50% less fat per 23g serving
Popchips Popped Potato Chips Thai Sweet Chili
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I’d eat the whole pack to myself!
These are yummmy. They’re very moreish, you can’t just have a few. You’ll end up finishing the pack, but It’s okay, because they’re healthier compared to other crisps ha
Light and tasty
I really like popchips as they are lighter than normal crisps. Crunchy and good for dipping. I like the sweet chilli flavour. It’s not too spicy and reminds me of sticky chilli sauce you get from Chinese restaurants.
I try this product in November. Testy and light. Very good if someone love crisps and is on diet. Strongly recommended.
Cool taste!
I love popchips products! This one has been a nice surprise for me as I'm normally not a big fan of spice food but this product has this amazing combination of crunchy, sweet and just the exact spiciness to make it perfect. The only thing if that the price and the size is not too balanced.
Very nice just the right amount of chilli flavouring
They taste nice but are to hard for me. Think if they where softer would be nice
I must be honest I didn't like these at all ,the texture was strange really didn't like it ,the taste wasn't any better either ,had to leave the rest of the packet
Great snack
These are lovely! Great for a snack and really infused with flavour. I would recommend trying these.
A change from crisps
Bought these on a whim and was pleasantly surprised. The flavour was strong and rich and the texture of the chips was crunchy and satisfying. Will buy again as an alternative to crisps. Makes a little change at lunchtime.
Really succulent
Overall I found this product to filling and tasty.
thai chilli
If you still do not know what thai sweet chilli means, this is the perfect opportunity to discover this taste. Do not hesistate and grab one pack of popchips. I guarantee you will love it!
I took these to work with me and shared them. The packet was soon empty so everyone enjoyed them
These are very tasty, I really like these pop chips very nice flavour and very moreish. Would definitely recommend
Absolute delish
the taste is so so good. The only one fault i would say is that, with this flavour, the added benefits of these being healthier crisps, are nulled by the added calories/sugar in the taste. I make them my guilty pleasure.
Tummy and gluten free
Love these crisps, full of flavour, lower calories and gluten free which is fab. I love most flavours

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