4.7 5 0 117 117 Thai sweet chilli popped potato chips. This is a no-fry zone. Boiling in oil used to be something you did to your enemies. But crisp makers do it to potatoes. They must really hate potatoes. We don't, we love them. We take potatoes, add heat and pressure, then pop! It's a perfectly seasoned chip that tastes as good as fried. So eat popchips, and feel the love in every bite. Half the fat of fried crisps* * 50% less fat per 23g serving
Popchips Popped Potato Chips Thai Sweet Chili
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Tangier than expected
These are crispy and a lighter, less calorific snack as they're not fried. Did find them stronger flavoured than expected for a sweet chilli tang and they definitely have a kick to them. Hubby likes them more than I do but will be trying other flavours.
Tasty and Light
I love these chips so much. They are a much lighter and less greasy alternative to other crisp brands and the texture is so nice. The flavour is really tasty and I have recommend them to all of my friends!
Light and crunchy
Lighweight texture, crunchy and tasty! You don't feel guilty eating these because aren't fried!
Yummy and low fat
I am currently following one of the major weightloss plans and as a snacker, looking for tasty treats that wont blow my efforts. These popchips are really tasty, with just the right balance of heat and flavour. They are a decent size pack and often seen on offer. Will definitely be buying these again.
Crispy, light and delicious
I love Popchips, and I love all of their flavours. They are delicious, light and crunchy. Will always purchase for a treat.
Really tasty and melts in your mouth. Bought them in tescos and would recommend for those who loves sweet chilli.
Its ok
Its nice, but i am not really keen from it. Its tasty and crispy
I've tried all flavours of these, very tasty, this particular flavour is quite strong and has a pleasant kick.
Love these, excellent flavour and could easily eat the bag!
Worth a try
For crisp affectionados this is a good tasting healthier alternative!
So good
They taste amazing and the texture is so good. I just wish there were more in the packet because they are soo addictive.The chilli is perfect and overall these crisps are just tasty! Also great with some sour cream&chive dip!
Great flavour
I love these they have a great flavour that isn’t over powering and are really crunchy. It’s a low fat crisp that the kids love
Great healthy snack
I love these, great taste without the guilty behind. So healthy, much more better than classic walkers or sensations
Fab flavour
Tried this as a yearly alternate to Standard crisps and I wasn’t disappointed it has a fab flavour definitely one of the nicest chilli crisps that I’ve had. I was a bit unsure if the texture at first but don’t let this put you off these really are delicious. I can’t wait to try the other flavours now!
A nice nibble
Popchips are a nice snack to enjoy on an afternoon, with a drink or whilst with friends. They are light and not at all greasy but still contain lots of flavour.

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