3.8 5 0 24 24 An instant Indian style curry rice with peppers, peas and carrots.
Pot Rice Vegetable Curry
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Pot rice
Tried this and must say was pleasantly surprised that it was ao nice,as i mormally find pot rices etc rather dry and tasteless. This was full of flavour and soft.
Not for me
We always buy pot noodles, when I saw this I thought we must give it a try. It is not for us. Maybe because we are not the rice fans.
Tastes good
It's ok for a quick snack. Has a nice flavour to it. It's a little different from the curry flavour pot noodles. But this rice pot has a little more of spice to it.
Average, wouldn't buy again as I didn't find the flavour that great and felt the rice stil tasted under cooked.
quick snack
its ok, if you want a quick snack and a change from the noodles. But i find the grains a bit gritty still, might be just me! apart from that it does what he says on the pot lol
This is tasty and quick for lunchtime, excellent when feeling peckish. Great to take to work for lunch when time is limited. No improvements needed. Would recommend to everyone to try
Not for me
If your only workplace cooking facility is a kettle this may get you thru the lunch hour but they are in fact very overpriced compare with other microwave alternative s on the market. Didn't really enjoy it much would only eat again if I was very hungry and trapped in a room with only a kettle They may be useful for people who have allergy or diet restraints when travelling long flights. Could work if going on a long hill hike too
Definitely not a pot noodle
Although good for on the go , it’s not as nice as pot noodle
Pot Rice Vegetable Curry it's making my day so delicious I really enjoy eating a pot rice vegetable curry
Rice pot
I absolutely love this item. It's easy peasy for when you're on the go. Just add water and away you go. Its tasty and filling. Very well priced too. What more could you ask for?
Fab for a tasty quick snack
Great for my lunchtime snack at work. Love the flavour and so quick and easy to make
Great for uni lunches or on the go
I always look for pot snacks/lunches as they are easy to take with me and easy to make. This pot rice was a nice change to noodles or pasta and the taste was good too. I would recommend this to people who need an instant snack.
disliked it a lot!
whilst pot products are convenient and usually i have great experiences with them (both noodles and pasta variants) the rice ones i have tried, this flavour especially, just seem very bland and boring and the rice is always a little crunchy which doesn't sit right with me. not my thing.
Not my favourite
This is nice for a quick fix and very flavorful but unfortunately it's not my favourite to go instant food.
Good on the go snack
I thought I would give this a try as I’m a pot noodle fan. Something quick easy for on the go. It was lovely. Great taste quick to do quick to cool down. Would buy again

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