Pret Greens Smoothie Mix

4.6 5 0 12 12 Bringing Pret Joy to Your Home! This Sweet Greens Smoothie Mix, is a mighty blend of spinach, mango, kale, avocado, ginger, and lemon zest, full of juicy deliciousness and a handy source of vitamin C.
Pret Greens Smoothie Mix


I love the Pret smoothies! They are very yummy. Have every morning.
Delicious, sweet, green smoothie. Honestly the nicest I’ve tasted. I like that the kale leaves are frozen individually, not in large solid balls like others I’ve tried. Subtle hint of ginger is gorgeous.
delicious smoothie! I like to drink it in the mornings and add whey protein powder and oats. Great for breakfast! only I wish it would be a little bit cheaper.
Healthy start
Great product and authentic to a popular chain too. Its convenient it's quick and it's healthy
Love the taste
Quickly and easy. Love the taste. Bringing Pret Joy to Home is great. I blend with fresh fruit at home and so delicious which also provides vitamin C. Highly recommend this to everyone.
Quick and easy
these are so quick and easy to use in the morning, the taste is lovely and its great when you are in a rush, I can highly recommend these to family and friends, these are very handy to have in.
Lovely product. highly recommended to my friends and family. I definitely will buy it again
Quick and convenient
Love these to save me all the prep of smoothies, super quick and easy. Can see why people don’t like the taste but all green smoothies are 50/50 on taste but it’s certainly not the worst
not nice.
it doesn’t taste that nice, very much tastes like cardboard. the flavours don’t come through and makes your mouth dry. they need to add more flavourings to make it more nicer, i would not recommend it.
Boost of immunity
This boosts your immunity for definite. A natural source of vit C compared to a vit C pill. Why take a pill when you can take something 100% natural, easy to make and tastes so good.
Whether you are on a health kick or not you’ve got to try this it’s totally yummy and makes you want another!! Healthy without feeling it!!
Love this product. Always use this product for making smoothies. Even my daughter always wants me to make a smoothie with this product. highly recommend it.

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