4.1 5 0 99 99 Transport yourself to the bustling streets of Delhi with NEW PRINGLES Rice Fusion Indian Tandoori Chicken Masala. Deliciously irresistible crisps made with rice and flavoured with the authentic tastes of Asia. Explore this mouth-watering takeaway favourite with its mildly spiced tandoori flavours of aromatic cardamom and turmeric, warming ginger and pepper, for a deliciously fragrant taste of India. Pure, enticing flavours bursting through every crisp for an intense flavour experience that lasts - every mouthful taking you further into your Eastern adventure.
Pringles Rice Tandoori Chicken Masala
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Just like tiny poppadums
Goes really well with a curry! Enjoyed by the whole family.
Lighter option
Good to have a lighter option. Flavour is good,nice tasty snack
Good flavour
I really enjoyed the flavour but I don’t like the texture of the Crisps
Great product
Pringles Rice Tandoori Chicken Masala is a good product. Due to the handy tin, it is easy to eat, chips have a bunch of flavours with chicken and indian spices. And it is rice not potatoes, for a change
Full of flavour
Love these pringles, a healthy alternative from the normal pringles but still maintain full flavour. Very popular in my household
These pringles are great not only are they a healthy aulternative to the normal pringles as the are made with rice but they are full of flavour.
They are ok, not the best in taste and I could stop when I popped
My new Favourite!
I love these! And I don't have to share because no one else in the house likes them. They have amazing flavour and the only downside is that I eat them all!
Very nice and crispy makes you have the feel of Indian Tandoori Chicken Masala. The cumin, turmeric, coriander all mixed up to give you a great taste. You wanna feel Indian, try this. Perfect....
Slightly disappointed
The flavour reminded me strongly of tomato flavoured crisps of the past.... Additionally they didn't have the usual Walkers crisp bite. That said, they are ok but wouldn't rush out to buy them myself.
Not too bad
I'm a big fan regular Pringles so when I saw these on offer I thought I'd give them a try. They're ok but don't quite have the same crunch as regular Pringles but are still high in flavour. My son really likes them so when I see them offer I do buy them but I personally wouldn't pay full price for them
I'm a fan
I like this flavour! But I'm a big fan of pringles no matter what flavour they are. I like this product because it's something different than the original flavours but as tasty
Not as good as I was thinking
I bought them for my boyfriend, he is fan of Pringles and of course I needed to try them. In my opinion they are all right, I prefer the others flavour, the basic one. My boyfriend also said, they are all right. I am not going to buy them again.
Was ok
I bought them thinking of trying new flavour. I like masala but this one wasn’t as good as I expected. They were not bad but probably I won’t buy them again.
Insane Curry taste!
Ok, bought these in b&m and thought they’d be flavourless however if you’re a fan of masala, then you’ll be amazed! Packed of flavour!!

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