3.5 5 0 84 84 For Propercorn, taste is everything. Take this pack of Chocolate popcorn. Propercorn coat hand-popped, butterfly corn in a rich blend of Fairtrade cocoa and Demerara sugar for a sweet, chocolatey hit.
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I quite like popcorn, I find them a great snack (hopefully healthier), and the long-time favourite of our house was Butterkist. However, a Tesco version of Orange/Chocolate a while back changed that view in my eyes. But then alas I could no longer find the chocolate orange ones, so decided to try these Proper corn ones. I was not disappointed. They are light, tasty and Moorish, so much so I frequently buy them now.
Not a good mix
I love popcorn I love chocolate I don’t like chocolate popcorn! It’s a bad mix in my opinion
I love this pop corn it's really light and tastes delicious a perfect snack for any time of the day.
Okay for popcorn
I love popcorn and chocolate,, but the combination wasn’t as good as I’d hoped! Not bad, but got a bit of a funny after taste
Low calorie snack
These are great if on a diet as lower calories. however they are small bags & some of the flavours are a bit subtle. Would buy again though as a quick snack.
Gave it a go
We love popcorn in our house but tried the chocolate coated and it was too dry so not for our family
The popcorn was alright. Found it to be a little dry. Ok when added extra chocolate sauce.
Noooo! Just not right sadly......
I thought I would give these a try (popcorn & chocolate? No brainier really!) but these are just not right unfortunately. There is a strange powder all over them and being the sort of person that is always accidentally spills food on themselves, they were super messy. Wanted to like these, but just not right for me...
Ok but not great
I am a massive fan of popcorn, but I found these a bit something and nothing. I wanted them to be more chocolatey, but they are just covered in cocoa powder which gets all over your fingers when you eat it.
Chocolate popcorn
So I love popcorn and for some reason I have to eat it with chocolate, so this product ticks both boxes, they can be abit messy as the popcorn is covered in chocolate powder but they definitely hit the spot. A low calorie snack worthy of a try.
Being good
This is a great tasty snack which I can just bring with me to work and it’s low in calories!
Too much powder
These where not that good the popcorn was dusted with chocolate powder which I did not like.The powder went all over fingers.But liked the fact their where low calorie.Not for me.
Not as expected
I was expecting chocolate popcorn but it was popcorn dusted in some chocolate powder. Wouldn’t recommend, the taste isn’t nice
These are really great when you have a snack craving but still want to be health conscious. They hit the chocolate spot and wernt too sweet. Will buy again.
A guilt free pleasure
This popcorn really helps to curb chocolate/sweet cravings while still being a low calorie snack and easily incorporated into most healthy eating plans. It's tasty and has the usual popcorn appeal. The only downside is you get chocolate powder all over your fingers which becomes sticky.

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