1.7 5 0 3 3 Quorn Ready Meals are so easy to cook and there's such a great range to choose from - they're a big favourite in our house. You can't beat homely, meat free meals that are full of flavour and ready in minutes, any day of the week.
Quorn Stew & Dumplings
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Not good
I really didn’t enjoy this found it watery and tasteless.im not vegaterian but sometimes like to try meat free products.wont purchase again.
Tasty but could be better
Flavoursome but could be improved with adding some more vegetables this would improve the texture, aroma and flavour.
I really didn’t enjoy this product. Just tasted too cardboard like and processed
My family are looking to eat healthier and quorn comes highly recommended so would love to try
Would like to try this out as most ready meals r nasty so I need convering
the Smell of normal stew doesn’t appeal to me but this sounds delicious
I haven't tried this yet but every time I see a new Quorn product I love to try it out, so looking forward to finding this in supermarkets :)
This looks delicious! My sister is a vegetarian so I'd love to get a review from her.. I wouldn't mind trying it myself lol
As a non-meat eater now for 28 years, I am always excited to see number of products on the market these days. I look forward to giving the Quorn Stew and Dumplings a go.
We eat a lot of quern so these would be a great addition

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