4.6 5 0 64 64 Quorn vegetarian chicken strips, coated in a crunchy coating of sweet chipotle chilli. Fabulous served with grilled vegetables, or in soft tacos with guacamole.
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Another great product
As someone who is conscious of the need for products to taste similar to meat to convert more people, it's good to see this Quorn product. I wonder what they do next?
So tasty!
I bought these for my teenage sister to eat whilst she was staying over. She didn't get to try them so I made them for me and my partner( he's not vegetarian) and he absolutely loved them!! He had no idea they were vegetarian. They are a little spicy, but we both love a bit of spice. I definitely wouldn't make them for my little girls though! I will be purchasing these again! These have changed my perspective on vegetarian food and we are both willing to try other vegi food! If you're not a lover of spice these might be a little too spicy for you.
quorn gougons
bought these to try on my salad for a change, i found them a bit to spicy for me
Subtle taste
I do like these however it would be nice if the taste was a little stronger as it is nice. There are not that many in the packet so a few more would be nice. They are quite low in fat so a great meal to have when you are trying to be careful or not!
A nice kick
I love quorn and these goujons are gorgeous with salad or a picky watching a movie and suitable for kids..!
Very tasty and moreish. Crispy crumb coating, lovely spicy flavour and nice texture.
I have recently taken on a vegetarian diet and jeeez these blew me away. The taste was nice I had it in tacos and the second time I used dips. It's a very good snack especially in salad
This brand is great if you on a diet or vegetarian,these are packed with proteins,i loved the taste as they do not taste weird or have a funny taste.you wouldnt be able to tell the difference between real meat and this quorn
better than I thought
I’m not vegetarian but I love to try new food so I bought them ,and honestly are delicious specially if you add a sweet chilli or barbecue sauce
Tasty and filling
I have recently tried to reduce my meat intake and these are a brilliant substitute for chicken they are full in flavour and ha e the same texture as chicken, would definitely recommend to others
Good overall alternative
I really enjoyed the flavour, worth it for an alternative to chicken.
Good value
This product is a great alternative to chicken but it could be spiced more as it lacks flavouring. It is good for value.
Great taste
I am not vegetarian but I like to try vegetarians foods and this is such a good exchange for real meat it tasted great and I gave this to my kids they didn't realise the difference
Meat free
Nice for a snack , light lunch. Excellent vegetarian option
Love them!
I'm not a massive meat eater - just because i don't like the taste. But i have to say, these are really really tasty. Also i dont feel left out when everyone else is eating chicken goujons lol

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