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Fantastic taste
There sausages are so tasty and healthy! My boyfriend loves pork sausages but even he thinks these are great. It's fantastic that they're healthy and low calorie and so easy to cook. I would recommend to anyone, even if you're not a vegetarian.
I love the texture of Quorn and these are really nice with mash and gravy. They’re a little more expensive than store brand vegan sausages but nice for a change.
Not bad
My husband is vegetarian and we sometimes have these, I’m not vegetarian but even I quite like these, nice flavour not a bad texture
Good value
Really like these, perfect for sausage and mash. Nice and crispy on the outside with a great taste.
Quorn sausages
these sausages are nice with mash and gravy, can be a bit dry if you overcook them
i did find these edible but for my a little bit to peppery they cut with a nice consistency and i love the fact they look like sausages so you don't feel left out, the taste isn't for every one
I really enjoy these sausages. Perfect in a roll in the morning for breakfast or with mash at night for dinner. I like the texture and I’m always left feeling satisfied. No complaints.
Absolutely love these. I become vegetarian nearly three years ago & these have been a constant favourite of time. Taste lovely & you wouldn’t even know they where meatless if someone tried them.
Lovely sausages
Lovely sausages that can be used in a variety of dishes - casseroles, buns, with mash, etc... They are full of protein so make a good addition to your diet. As a vegetarian, I'm not that keen on 'meat' substitutes or replicas and it would be fair to say these have a processed texture, but I am happy with that as they aren't meat. Quick and easy to cook.
I use these sausages all the time. Either on their own as part of a cooked veggie breakfast, on the BBQ or in stews and casseroles. So handy to have in the freezer and loved by vegans and meat eaters alike.
Not overly impressed with texture.Won't be buying them again
A welcome addition to Quorn and sausages
I like these and they’re wonderful for mid week meal and taste very nice a lot different to the other authorities with lots of flavour. I’m not eating meat for many years however the wall sausages just hate that place
Great for veggies
Love these quorn sausages. My friends always have BBQs and this is a great way to still enjoy one without having to eat salads and potatoes all day. Not a bad taste either!
Great for veggies and meat eaters alike
I've been veggie for quite some time so buy Quorn regularly but since we've been more health conscious I've also managed to convert my meat-eating husband to these as a healthier alternative to meat sausages. They're really quick and easy to cook, taste great and hold their shape.
Great Alternative
I usually buy Linda McCartney sausages but tried this instead and loved them. The only thing I question is the use of Palm Oil as the Linda brand states is sustainably sourced, whereas Quorn doesn't state that theirs is. Apart from that, they taste, look and feel delicious

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