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Right Guard Women Cream & Oils Cacao Butter Shower Gel 250m
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Shower gel
Smells like your in paradise and that lovely smell of coconut makes the skin really soft and freshing
Nice smell
My partner loved using this, the smell of coconut was really lovely, she was left her smelling really lovely all day long. It's easy to use and open. The packaging stands out well while shopping. Well recommended
Super shower gel with my favorite coconut taste, I love this product is efficient and lasts for a long time. My daughter says what it smells like here, I tell her that this is a new coconut shower gel, we like coconut scents :) I recommend
Smells lovely but not for long left skin feeling hydrated. I would use it again but I wouldn’t rush to buy it.
Smells lovely
I would class this as a budget product and for the price this is one of the better ones. Lovely smell and leaves skin feeling hydrated.
I love coconut based body washes as they smell soo good and this one did not disappoint!! Smells lush and leaves your skin feeling soft and silky! 5* from me
I am amazed
This smells absolutely lovely, and it leaves your skin feeling soft and silky. I purchased this for £1 few times already so it's an absolute bargain for me! Would definitely recommend.
Shower gel
Lathers up well and smells nice. Good price. I found that I got through it quite quickly though
lovely product
This smells absolutely lovely, and it leaves your skin feeling soft and silky. I bought it when it was on offer for £1 was definitely worth it.
Smells lovely
The smell of this shower gel is lovely it leaves your skin feeling nice and soft after a shower and can smell it on your body hours after you have had a shower would defiantly recommend it.
Smells good
Good smelling shower gel, leaves skin soft and silky.
Right' Creamy!
Absolutely loved this product. It smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. I purchased this for just £1 - so an absolute steal if you ask me! I would recommend to everyone.
Smells Divine
This is also available as a shower foam which i prefer more as it's fantastic to use as a shaving foam aswell as making my skin feel soft.
Smells great
Such a great smell and leaves my skin soft. Great product - would recommend
Silky smooth and feels great on your skin
Loved this, feels luxurious without the price tag! Smells absolutely delicious too

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