Rosie For Inglot Glowing Veil Tanning Oil

3.9 5 0 7 7 Say hello to Skincare and Bronzing in one! This revolutionary Tanning Oil features Nourishing Vitamin E, Age-Defying Pumpkin Seed Oil and Collagen Producing Coenzyme Q10. Wake up to nourished, hydrated AND naturally bronzed, glowing skin that will last for at least 2-3 days!
Rosie For Inglot Glowing Veil Tanning Oil


Rosie For Inglot Glowing Veil oil
Rosie For Inglot Glowing Veil Tanning Oil is a gradual glow, something that lasts maybe 48 hours at max but does leave you feeling like you've caught a little blush from the sun.
Easy to use tanning drops
This does a nifty little job and is so easy to use. It does still smell like fake tan, because its fake tan. The chemicals you need for fake tan will always leave a scent....BUT it isn't no where near as strong as other fake tans. I mainly use this to give my face a little glow. The consistency is lovely, its easy to use. I've reccomended it to a few friends. I'd buy it again for sure. Its lasting a while too, although I don't use every day or even week.
Certainly works
Perfect drops for face tanning, and ideal that you can use your moisturiser of choice. Looks like a little bottle will go a long way.
good tan
i love having a tan that looks natural, but i find a lot leave my skin patchy and the total opposite of natural, however this brings a glow out in my skin when i wear it and makes my skin have a really nice complexion in the summer, its so easy to use and i would stock up on this just before summer every year, even though you dont need to use a lot of it
I used it and the most important thing for me was that it did not irritate my skin, which is so problematic. I recommend.
Lovely product. highly recommended to my friends and family. I definitely will buy it again
Really didn’t like it! Thought I would as love the ingredients and it’s full of hydration which does feel nice on the skin but woke up with an orange patchy face! I’ve dry combo skin and it just cling onto the dry spots badly! Really wanted to love it but it might work different skin types that aren’t to dry

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