4.7 5 0 29 29 Saxa 100% Natural Coarse Sea Salt has been repackaged. This product is said to be harvested from mineral rich sea water, and naturally evaporated to produce a pure salt, and is suitable for cooking and grinding. It is free from artificial additives, and retails in a 350g recyclable pack featuring recipe suggestions.
Saxa 100% Natural Coarse Sea Salt
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good salt ata good price
frequenlty but this coarse sea salt as it's generally the best priced for course salt. The only thing that annoyes me in the tub, i find a lot get stuck at the end and i spend ages trying to shake it out, would be better if the top came off.
the salt is a good size for cooking i like the packaging too and is good as the salt doesn't dry out is a little more expensive but thats fine as i prefer the taste to this one.
Coarse, salty sea salt.
Salt is a good sized grain, buy as we like the tub it comes in, great to use in cooking. Slightly more expensive than unbranded coarse salt that we use to grind, but a good taste.
Is there any salt we buy as we like to grind us out and it comes out just the right size would highly recommend this
trusted make
i grew up with saxa as the salt to have in the kitchen. i like the sea salt better than the fine flow salt and think it is better for you. it is a good price and is also perfect for a salt bath.
Perfect for cooking
Use this salt all the time in the kitchen. It has a really clean taste and the texture of it is perfect for so many meals. I use it coarse from the container and also ground in a salt mill. Excellent product.
Love it
I love the fact the salt is coarse as opposed to fine... Tastes lovely and it's always one of my go to seasoning
Great product
I've always used Saxa salt. A little goes a long way and it gives a great flavour to any food:)
This salt is a staple in the kitchen cupboard. Easy to put into a grinder and less is needed for a salty condiment.
Easy to measure
This is a very good salt and lasts ages as you only need a really small amount Also I love the way you can control how much salt you want with the different sized holes at too of the carton
Excellent value and flavour enhancer.
I've been using this religiously in my cooking and it's definitely enhanced the flavour of my food. Personally, I like the options on the rotating flaps, which controls how much salt leaves the shaker. Would recommend, given the value and quality of the product.
I love this salt as I use it in my salt grinder, and have been doing this for ages. I don't use table salt anymore as like this much better
Best salt
This is the only salt that i buy. It's coarse, so you'd need a grindr, but it's totally worth it. Plus, it's mostly paper and a bit of plastic so it's not so bad for the environment!
My go to
Been getting this for ages! Always my go to just adds that bit extra to any meal. Never had any problems.
Nice sized bits to add a little texture and salty crispness to your dish. A known brand, great at what it does. Love the bright and inviting packing too. Store cupboard favourite.

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