4.3 5 0 63 63 Sometimes you need an intense solution for your dry skin. The experts at Scholl are bringing you a specifically designed mask to moisture the dry skin on your feet: Soft & Smooth feet in only 20 minutes Provides intense feeling of hydration 24-hour hydration
Scholl Expert Care Dry Skin Foot Mask
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Not For Me
Tried this product after seeing such good reviews but after using the proict I personally will not be purchasing it again. The feeling of the socks themselves are uncomforable and feels like stepping in goo that makes your feet feel tingly. The product just isn't for me, however, each to their own! No doubt it'll help alot of tired/aching feet 😊 I must say my feet do feel softer!
I am not really keen on the foot mask, it was ok, but i would not buy it again. I prefer cream
Shool Foot mask
This product is good ,I jst dnt like the felling on my feet ,but putting that aside,I do like it and did leave feet feeling soft and moisturised ,I would still recommend this to others as it does do wot it says ,I personally dnt like the feeling
Quality product
I purchased this fantastic product and I am very happy that I did.Quality product does what it says on the packet.My skin felt so soft and so moisturised.This is such a great quality product and I absolutely recommend it.Fabulous!
Scholl dry skin foot mask
Having to wear solid shoes for work my feet really go through it.I use this once a week and feel like I.m floating on aif
Hydrated feel
This foot mask is great and works just right,I sometimes get dry skin after I return from a hot weathered holiday, feel soft and cold and leave your feet hydrated,I like the way the mask sits on your feet, add a face mask as you sit with your foot mask, works wonders.
I absolutely love these they are amazing they leave my feet soft and silky smooth and help with my extremely dry cracked skin on my feet so I would definitely recommend I'll be buying more for sure
Soft feet
Helps smooth dry feet and relaxes you after a long day walking around. They are easy to use and not messy which makes them simple. The price point and for the to be reusable would be a good improvement
love it
I was so surprise that my feet were so soft and hydrated when I used it for a first time. I would definitely recommend it to a friend.
These foot mask are amazing, I have very dry skin on my feet and after using them my feel so good. My feet are soft and well hydrated. For sure I will buy them again and again
Loved these. Leave your feet refreshed. Especially in winter after cold tiering feet.
This product has worked wonders on my feet. After just one application it left my feet feeling smooth and soft. I will be repurchasing.
So I was a little sceptical about these to start with as I have tried so many,but this one is amazing my feet were soft and hydrated for at least 5days after,would defo recommend 😍
lovely soft feet
i have very dry feet after using this product my feet feel baby soft ,i use them every few weeks and they are easy to use
Baby soft
I am always on my feet for work sometimes for over 12 hours so my feet get sore and really dry! These masks are fab they are easy to use, no mess and make my feet baby soft! I spend a day every few weeks having a pamper and these are brilliant

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