4.3 5 0 58 58 Sometimes you need an intense solution for your dry skin. The experts at Scholl are bringing you a specifically designed mask to moisture the dry skin on your feet: Soft & Smooth feet in only 20 minutes Provides intense feeling of hydration 24-hour hydration
Scholl Expert Care Dry Skin Foot Mask
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Wow just wow 😮
If you could see my other half’s feet ( she won’t let me post a photo) before she used this product you would say they were someone else’s before and after photos 🤣 I can’t believe they actually worked !!! She’s tried various creams and graters but nothing ever worked as well as these , even the little fish treatment at the salon didn’t work the fish took one look at her feet and wanted to jump out 🤣 Honestly I’m impressed .... well done good product !
wonderful relief for dry and tired feet. after a full day's work our feet need it.I use it three times a week . I recommend
Love, love, love
This is so nice, leaves feet feeling refreshed, helps with dry hard patches, really good before and after a self pedicure as a nice treat for your feet! Always use these after a girls night out!!
Feel fresh
I have used this a lot and leaves feet so soft and kind to the touch. And even wearing casual soaks is nice feeling.
hard skin
excellent product leaves feet smooth and soft, ready for summer sandals or the beach
You can even reuse the socks!
Great product... Really does do what it says on the tin. Even after 5 days my feet were lovely and soft. I even washed the socks after I used them so I could put in my own moisturiser and reuse them...worked a treat! Better than the cotton socks as these socks have a plastic outside liner...so the moisturiser doesn't deep through and drench everything else!
Love this mask make my feet very soft and look much better
Soft feet
These are like thick paper socks with moisturising lotion inside, about 6 days after using these my feet still feel super soft and smooth. I used a foot file first because i had a big build up of dry skin on my heels then put these on for about 20/25 minutes.my feet looked and felt so much better ,will use again
One day fix
Great for leaving your feet feeling smooth for a couple days but after that your feet will go back to original state and you will have to use again.. so perfect for short term fix, I wear socks over the top of mine, for the heat. I find they work better that way.
Leaves your feet lovely and smooth. Love the idea that they come as little socks . No mess great smell amazing product.
Better options out there.
I tried this product just before my holiday and it did leave my feet/heels nice and soft. But it only lasted for about a day. I’ve used other cheaper brands that last longer.
Cheaper products out there
This is a great product but, over priced for what it I. Feet feel fab after but there are cheaper products doing the same job
Gel Socks
I have tried a similar product, so was keen to try Scholl as I have use their products. Managed to slip on and then leave for 20 mins and my feet did feel soft, so was quite happy. However, after a few days, I felt they were going back to their original state. I think you’d have to use them more regularly to get them looking and feeling good and then hopefully not have to use as often.
Bought it and put it on. It was smelly and gel like. Horrid
i find this a little piece of luxury on my feet it was easy to apply and just rest for 30mins its brilliant to do before a nigt out especially if you going out in strappy sandels

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