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Scholl Party Feet Ball of Foot Cushions
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Better than without
These help when you are out and wearing heals, definitely better than without, but don't expect them to solve the problem. These are convenient and small to carry, and can be reused and transfered easily from shoe to shoe if needed. However, for a better solution whole cushion insoles work much better, such as Scholl's orthopedic insoles.
Party feet
These stay well in your shoes through the night and do help to keep off the foot ache for longer than you would normally have it. Just remember to keep your shoes on!!
Save your tired feet
When I was wearing heels all day, my poor feet really start to ache. I discovered party feet by Scholl a number of years ago. They attach easily to the shoe, giving great relief to the ball of the foot as the silicone pads act as a cushion between shoes shoes and feet. Wonderful relief.
They’re so bad.
I’ve bought these twice, Incase I’d used them wrong the first time! Both times they were in shoes similar to the image in the packet, strappy heels. Both times, they fell / worked their way out from under my feet and flapped around. Definitely not worth trying.
Party feet
Loved these! Stopped that burning sensation in my feet when wearing high heels for a long period of time. Only downside was too narrow for some shoes so your foot slipped off them.
Dancing feet
I love these Party feet soles. I use them for everything have them I most of my shoes and boots. Stops that burning feeling when been walking a lot. So soft on my feet at the end of my day my feet feel nice not hurting. Really do work found something at last for my feet
party feet?
not for me, I found they slipped and made my shoes tight so needed to be removed, waste of money
Not for me
I wanted to find these really comfortable so that I could wear heels for longer. Unfortunately I found that they made my shoes tight and any benefit was cancelled out.
Bought these as some positive reviews and had few nights out coming up. Unfortunately for me they didn’t last the night in place, kept moving and hanging out, not a good look so had to take them out. Tried again in another pair shoes, different night with almost same results.
Dont waste your money
Brought these after walking around london .didnt work very well. They need to be bigger
Comfortable feet
This product is so good, my feet were at feeling good after 3 hours. Recommend this product for your heels.
Party feet saviour
Great product can be hidden nicely in your bag and an absolute saviour
Not for me
Although helped be more comfortable they stuck to my feet and my shoes and couldnt remove them without some help.Didnt make a huge difference.
Saved my feet many times!
Really good cushioning. Especially great when using in high heel shoes. If not wearing tights they are a life saver!
It just a waste of money. Doesn’t do anything to ease the wearing of the shoes at all

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