4.8 5 0 21 21 Get soft beautiful feet effortlessly. Velvet Smooth™ Extra Coarse Roller Heads with long lasting micro-abrasive particles now come with finely ground diamond crystals. It is great on very hard, stubborn skin.
Scholl Pedi Refill Extra Course
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Bought the extra course refills as I was told they would be good to remove the hard skin on my feet, from when I was pregnant (bump was too big to attend to them). My feet felt so much smoother and healthier after using them! I don't need to use these ones anymore as they did such a great job, I just take care of my feet more and use the less course refills. Im so greatful these actually worked as I felt so embarrased and didn't even want to show them in my own house, never mind a beauty salon!
Used these on my partners feet as I have used the smooth rollers but found they weren't up for the job as his feet were in a bad condition after a foot soak and a roller his feet came back to being smooth soft already for the sandal season
I really suffer with dry feet and cracked heels but since changing the way I file my feet and moisture them I have notice a massive improvement with the electric file I remove so much more than I could buy hand and they look so smooth after
Refills for heel hard skin remover
These replacement rollers clipped easily into the main handle.would have preferred both grades of abrasive rollers as coarse roller wears out as quickly as less coarse one.would recommend.
Find it takes some time but good results
I used these refills as the one that came with my pedi had run low. I find that it gives great results however can be time consuming to do. I also struggle to get my feet in the perfect position to get all areas I suppose it would be more effective to allow someone else to help you. However kind of feel like this defeats the object of having the kit to do it yourself.
It actually works.
Had this since it first came out and I love it. Great for young and old feet. However, the down side is actually finding a store that stocks them. Not been able to buy them this year so far.
happy feet
this ok but time consuming, great if someone does it for you. my daughter loves this and uses it more often than I do
Scholl Pedi Refill Extra Course
Perfect quick pedicure ..Nice soft finish..Just perfect...
Amazing results.
By far one of the best products i have tried on my feet to remove the hard skin. Really quick and easy to use and the results are immediate. I bought one for my mum too.
Soft smooth feet
I loved this product it was easy to change and left me heels feeling smooth and new!
Nice feet
Wow works really well I got mine bought as a Xmas present, definitely worth buying
Amazing...cant live without it
Amazing product.Use it after bathing or showering.Feet are so smooth and it's so easy to use.I couldnt be without it now.
Good for calluses and built up hard skin.
I haven't had my feet done since early last year so I needed some serious TLC, I was lucky, refills are half price on Amazon prime so I bought extra course and exfoliating refills. Extra course powered through all my hard skin and calluses in seconds! Exfoliating refill Smooths cuticles and toenails. Just gotta choose bright & shiney nail varnish, then pretty shoes, here I come!
For very rough skin
I bought these hoping they could get rid of very rough skin on my feet, and it has definitely worked a treat, have since bought then for my daughter and she thinks there great to.
I suffer from extremely hard skin that cracks. since I've bought my pedi smooth I have been hard skin free. would highly recommend it.

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