4.9 5 0 12 12 A seasoning blend with smoked paprika, red and green bell peppers.
Schwartz Spanish Seasoning
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Only schwartz seasoning
I love the whole range of those purple schwartz mixes. They all taste absolutely amazing and gives food superb flavour. I have quite a few. New favourite is the Japanese one.
this spice is great as it adds extra flavour to you food. great with chicken and also salmon. its not overpowering at all. it really perks up a meal and my family really love the taste of the food ive cooked when using it
Schwarts seasoning
Nothing to dislike. I i use this on chicken and meat. Really flavour full
as always Schwartz have done it again makes really good Spanish rice and chicken...
someone will say after my review of this - you are crazy - but i am using this spices to my Chai Latte !
I love this and wouldn't eat food without putting extra taste to it.. and this does the job mixed in with all my others I tend to mix in. You will love it
Really like this product. Made a seafood paella and this was a great addition. Better value than the sachets too as it lasts a lot longer than one meal.
great combination of herbs and spices. Tried it on chicken casserole and it tasted really good
Very good seasoning. I use it in almost everything i cook
Tried this from my local shop and it’s good with chicken. Make it taste so nice. Tastes so good. Love the flavours.
I've just seen this on the home Tester club site - I've not tried it , but it's one i will be buying.
I haven't seen this in my supermarket yet, but as soon as it get in, I will be trying it straight away. I think cooking with herbs and spices can really take a good plate of food to an amazing plate of food,

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