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Easy to use and make a basic meal have so much flavour! I buy this on a regular basis now.
Is okay
Our family loves wraps! So we always up to try new recipes. It was okay, but we wouldn’t buy it again, nothing special and I thought it was a bit too much flavour going on.
this product wasnt to bad for the price but it did lack alot of flavour considering its bbq it was a very dull taste we ended up adding our own bbq sauce to our wraps because you just couldn't really get alot of bbq taste from the packet mix
Doesn't taste like bbq
OK flavour but didn't taste like bbq. Probably won't buy again.
Lovely !
Cooked as followed and was a brilliant tea. Definitely have this again
Delicious for all
These are great for all the family. They are delicious all around. The flavour isnt too strong or over powering. I would reccomend this
Nice but a little overpowering...
I am a big fan of Schwartz’ seasonings however this one, as nice as it was, was just a little too overpowering and smoky for my liking. It was very sweet and almost had an artificial smoky taste which was nice but after a few mouthfuls was difficult to get on with.
Being a veggie this powder works really well on veggies and quorn products! Would use again!
wrap it
i loved these wraps and the flavour is very good full of it can taste herbs in it salt pepper would defo recommened it to some other people
Very nice
Very nice very tasteful and as a family we now have this once a week it went down very well with the whole family
Great stuff
Really easy to follow and great finish! Flavours are deep and smokey.
Yum yum
Perfect when you in a rush and don't have much time to cook or your just to tired after work there easy and quick to make
Smokey BBQ
Easy to use and great smokey flavour. I made my chicken according to the packet instructions and came out perfectly for my tortilla wraps.
Tasty and really fast
Great for a quick meal! Works as a coating for full Norway’s of chicken too in the oven if you have a little longer
Love this for an easy very tasty quick dinner! Just add chicken (I used thighs) to a little oil in a pan fry off add veg then last few minutes mix the packet with water and cook! Lush!

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