5 5 0 1 1 60 One-a-day Capsules - Food supplement gelatin based capsules containing pure cod liver oil, fortified with vitamin D.
Seven Seas Perfect 7 Prime Man Capsules
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Seven Seas is my trusted brand of cod liver oil and natural minerals and this has the best combination of minerals including zinc and selenium for heart and brain function aids with the need of only one capsule a day with the capsule a comfortable size to swallow.
not tried but have several health problems so may be these may help a little.
I have now turned 58 and would like to know if this product will help support my aching limbs and my forgetfulness.
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I have a boyfriend, father and brother that are willing to test this product. Just send m some samples :)
Please send sample and I can pass on to my husband for review. He would be interested in reviewing this product.
Not tried this but would love to please. My husbands just turned 50 & complaining he's aging. This would make him happy
Can I please try this product, I love to try all different things and this product , looks very Good
I have not tried the product but would like to try and see if it dose what it says on the packet.
I would love to try this product I have tried other ones before but they don't seem to work
Have not tried them yet can you please send me a some To rieview thanks mr matthews
I have not tried the capsules but, if you have samples then please send me some. Mr G WORSFOLD
I have not tried them. Can you send me some to review? Thanks Jon Roberts

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