SHARK Anti Hair Wrap with PowerFins IZ300UKT Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Ruby

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SHARK Anti Hair Wrap with PowerFins IZ300UKT Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Ruby


No clogged brushes.
I was surprised with the anti hair clogging mechanism of this. The suction was very good and battery life wasn’t poor. All in all a great product.
Shark always best
I have tried many hoovers over the years Dyson , G Tech , Hoover etc , it in my honest opinion Shark are at the top of their game , the cordless anti hair wrap is brilliant and can clean the house from top to bottom in 1 battery , I would highly recommend this product
Great for pets
We have a black Labrador who sheds non stop. This shark is great at picking up her hair and the dust around our home. It amazes me how much dust it sucks up off our carpets, even when I have hoovered the day before! My only 2 issues are that I can’t get under my couches - if it had a flexible cord I would be able to. And occasionally the long pipe gets clogged with hair (we have a lot of it!) and it is a struggle to get out. But otherwise very happy with it.
works well on deep pile carpet. After 1st use looked like a brand new carpet. Lightweight and easy maneuverable
Its good but not great!
I love that its easy to use on stairs or sofas ect but the battery runs out quite quick and its not great with picking up from a messy thick carpet have to leave it over the bits for a while to get anything up and sometimes have to use a different tool as dont have great suction. On the upside its easier to store when not using and no cables to trip over!
Tried and loved
I tried this at a friends house and loved it. It’s 1000% better than my dyson stick similar design to this. Much more powerful. I love all shark products anyway
Exellent one of the best
My Mom has one of these I wish I did! It is so easy to use so easy to move around very light weight and gets everywhere. Really easy to clean out and holds alot. Also the battery life is really good and it cleans all types of flooring without problems. Great item if you have problems lugging around a big hoover that is heavy.
This is a must have! So stylish and gorgeous colour. So easy to use and takes less time. A must have!
There is nothing this hoover can’t do. Power of suction is incredible, ease of moving, light weight, battery life, easy knees of emptying and swinging different ends, just magnificent.
Purchased one of these. Says the hair won't tangle but it does. We end up getting the scissors to untangle the hair. Other than that it's quite good
Fantastic hoover!
I bought this last week after my trusty dyson died. I was a little skeptical at first as i hadn't tried shark before, but its fantastic! The suction is great, its easy to use. It picks up everything so easily, and the amount of dirt it has picked up makes me realise how much my old dyson wasn't picking up. Even my teenagers have enjoyed using it! Bonus!
Best Hoover I've Had
This is my first Shark hoover and I can't get over how effective it is at lifting the dust and dirt around my house, on both carpets and wooden floors. I got this on a special deal so am more than pleased with the value of money for it. I've had to unclog my hair only once in 3 months. I do wish that the battery would last longer but its no hassle to charge and store.
Much improved on previous model
This was our second shark cordless hoover. I like that the dust collecting compartment is bigger and less fiddly to use. The anti hair wrap, is fab, I barely have to unclog mine now. I love shark hoovers and will continue to get them in future.
Great vacuum
This was our first Shark vacuum. It looked good, was a great price and so far great value for the money. The suction is very good and works well on laminate and carpet floors. I would recommend this product as it had been the best vacuum cleaner we have had.
I have very long hair and all my other vacuum cleaners had my hair stuck in them and this has been the perfect solution for it. It’s strong and lightweight at the same time. Really nice

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