SHARK Anti Hair Wrap with PowerFins IZ300UKT Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Ruby

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SHARK Anti Hair Wrap with PowerFins IZ300UKT Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Ruby


Miracle hoover for hair
I used my friend's hoover and thought it was brilliant. The hoover is light weight making it easy to use and is very powerful. This alone would make it a great product but it's ability to tackle hair stuck in carpets makes it a miracle worker!
Shower gel, dry skin
I am using this shower gel. Very gentle and moisturising on the skin. It is a little pricey but it does last a long time.
Shark vacuum
Great when it comes to cleaning carpets or laminate. Very reliable and easy to use and clean. Saves me a lot of time when I’m hoovering. Amazon product.
good but could be better
The PowerFins technology enhances its cleaning performance on both carpets and hard floors, which is impressive. The dustbin is easy to empty, and the included attachments cover a good range of cleaning needs. However, I've encountered some downsides. The battery life is a bit shorter than expected, especially on higher power settings, which can be limiting for larger cleaning tasks. Additionally, while the vacuum does well on most surfaces, I've found that it struggles a bit with deeply embedded dirt on high-pile carpets.
Excellent product
Works well, easy to use and looks stylish I’d recommend this product!
Great little hoover. Lightweight great pick up. Would recommend
Okish hoover
I purchased this hoover a year ago and unfortunately I have had to replace 2 parts already, fortunately the Sharp company were very helpful and exchanged the parts promptly with out any hesitation. I am disappointed with the fact I had to change parts after such a short amount of time considering the price of the hoover, but other than this the hoover works extremely well and the suction power is brilliant.
Excellent for stopping hair clogging
I thought this hoover was brilliant. I have extremely long hair which in all my previous hoovers have just clogged up and caused me problems. With this hoover I had no such issues
Really lightweight and easy to use. Picks up anything
Easy clean
Love this vacuum, glides effortlessly picks up everything, especially my daughters hair . Also easy maintenance on the vacuum, easily comes apart to clean . Highly recommend
I got one of these a while ago wouldn't use anything else so impressed on the suckcen on my wood floors and on carpet
Easy to use Powerful vacuum
We got this vacuum when we first moved to our new house and so far I am impressed. It has the capacity to work on our wood floors without damaging it and on our rugs with the same great suction power. It bends in all the ways to access any spot as well.
Makes vacuuming a breeze
This vacuum is so versatile and easy to use. Good battery life, light weight and good suction. My elderly parents have also found it easy to use.
Great little hoover but not sub for plug
Great little hoover, excellent battery life (one gets me round our 2 bed house) and good suction. Have to empty the hoover once every 1.5 cleans or so. Amazing at getting around and under furniture. All the attachments are great- I use them for dusting shutters and cleaning the car and sofas. But it's not so good at getting close to the skirting boards, have to use an attachment for that. Also I noticed that it sometimes gives me a static shock when I hoover one of my carpets - Shark replaced the head which helped but after a few months the issue returned.
Finall got a hoover that we are keeping
When moving into our new house my partner must have gone through 3 ither hoovers including a dyson hoover which turned out to not be as good as we thought it would be. We then decided to get a shark hoover and it is fantastic. so easy to use and powerful suction. Only downside is the dust container is not very large so have to empty it more often than others apart from that it is great

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