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Sharwood's Green Label Squeezy Mango Chutney
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Squeezy goodness
The best thing about this product is the squeezy tub. As a lover of mango chutney with any curry I always feel frustrated when using the glass jars as cant get the last bits but with this product there was so much less waste
Tongue tingling
I love this chutney it's my secret ingredient in so many dishes -I use it to sweeten up my homemade curry if it has a sharp taste.I add it to so many dishes
Chutney in a hurry
No more holding the glass jar upside down and waiting, just squeeze and it’s done. Very tasty too
very tasty
Love the flavour of this mango chutney and like it with most thinks to give them a nice taste. Great with salad and with chicken and chips and more perfect with a home made kabab. Would highly recommend this Sharwoods Green Labek Squeeze Mango Chutney. the packaging is easy to open and its better as its in a squeezable bottle it makes it so much easier to but where it is needed. packaging stands out well while shopping. well recommended.
Hmmm as it goes ok
Not bad never tried before but the mother in law insisted and yeah not so bad overall will buy again
Highly Recommend!
Delicious mango chutney can be used in cooking or sandwiches. I found adding a little to a homemade curry just before serving adds an extra something and makes the curry so lovely and glossy.Not just for poppadoms!
Great product
Had this with a homemade curry as it compliments great
It’s a must especially now with the squeeze bottle, no risk of breaking the bottle on the way home. My son won’t eat popadoms without it now!!
a lovely tasting chutney, my son will not eat any Asian food without a healthy dollop of this mango chutney on the side I love the squeezy bottle too it helps keep the mess at a minimum.
Great for curries
I love mango, always put it in my curries. This squeezey jar is so handy, no need for spoons, and with it being smoother you don't get lumps of mango in the curry.
love this
love this. tastes just how you want it and its so easy to portion your size on your plate now with the handy squeeze tube
The best great taste, texture
Very nice full of tangy flavour a great texture well done Sharwoods and keep up the great range.
Tasty Mango Chutney
Lovely mango chutney for everyday use, goes perfectly with Indian meals in particular, but is also scrummy on a cheese sandwich! The squeezy container makes it easy to use & avoids cross contamination when you have people with food allergies/intolerances in your family.
Adds to the flavour
We rely on this product for our chicken dishes and the mango pieces within the product are quite big pieces and tastes wonderful. It is a sticky sauce but the botle helps manage the liquid better than the jar we find. The scent is gorgeous as it heats up in the pan and you can taste the difference once you've added it to a meal.
Great condiment
I like to get a curry ready meal at the weekend and I have mango chutney on the side. This is nice enough, but nothing special.

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