Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Cleansing Oil

4.2 5 0 23 23 Dissolves make-up with no greasy residue
Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Cleansing Oil


Great product, poor packaging
I love this cleansing oil. It removed makeup easily, isn't overly fragranced, washes off like a dream and is a great price to boot! My only reason for docking a star is that the packaging leaks! It's impossible to travel with as oil gets everywhere! If you're looking for an oil to only use at home, this is the one for you!
I was using an expensive balm cleanser to remove stubbed sunscreen and light makeup and this oil cleanser works so well. It dissolves everything, gives a light massage, does not irritate eyes and with a splash of water it turns to a light milk that rinses away easily. The fact that is so reasonably priced makes it a real winner.
Great first cleanse/make up remover
On days I wear make up, I use this as my first cleanse in the evening. It melts away make up and mascara wonderfully. After removing with a damp wash cloth, I follow with a second cleanse (of different product).
Good cleansing oil.
I use it to melt my make up, after that I wash it off with cleansing gel. It's really good to remove make up and for dry sensitive skin. One thing which I don't like is smell, is unpleasant.
Excellent make up remover
This in one of my favourite make up remover product. So easy to apply and melts all the stubborn mascara or eyeliner,foundation etc. Safe to use around your eyes and so easy to clean
Love Simple
This product is great. It leaves the skin free of any dirt and I always had a fresh faced feeling afterwards. It can be a little greasy but is washed off so not bad. Would recommend and follow up with the usual simple routine with toner and moisturiser.
Good for dry skin
I love this as a first cleanse. It breaks up all my makeup and rinses away easily, leaving my face soft to the touch. I pair it with the Simple Refreshing Gel Wash as a second cleanse. You can't beat the price.
Amazing for clearing subdermal acne! Bottle goes a LONG way!
I purchased this after reading a lot online about subdermal acne. I suffer with it on my forehead and have just put up with it til now & thought it was because of my fringe. Turns out double cleansing with an oil based cleanser at night is a good treatment to try, and WOW! My forehead bumps have reduced by around 50% in just 2 nighttime cleanses over 48 hours!!! I'm amazed! Why on earth I've waited this long to try it I don't know. The bottle goes a LONG way, as you only use 2-3 drops each time. Great value for money and I'm completely converted to oil based cleansers after thinking I had to steer clear for so long!
Great value make up remover
I've used more expensive cleansing oils before but thought I'd give this a try. It's really good! I use it as a first cleanse at night and it removes make up well leaving skin feeling soft and comfortable. Will continue to buy this as a great budget alternative!
Light, effective, easy to use
I've used this product for a few months now and really like it. I mostly use it for dissolving SPF and/or makeup, which it does very effectively, although sometimes I have to use quite a lot in order to remove eye makeup. I love that it has grapeseed oil, which is wonderfully softening and moisturising on the skin. The smell was slightly offputting at first - a bit like cooking oil - but I am used to it now. I'd rather have that than a really artifical, flowery fragrance. There are other cleansing oils that I like more than this one, but I would still buy it again as it is affordable and does what it's supposed to.
Does the job but nothing amazing
This was one of the first cleansing oils that I had purchased when I first started getting serious about my skincare routine. It does the job of cleansing your skin but has quite a thin consistency so I had to use quite a but of it to ensure it cleansed my whole face. Would recommend for anyone looking for a simple and affordable oil cleanser.
It's okay
I did find that it did remove eye make up but when I used it for my waterproof primer and mascara it was a lot more hard to remove. It took a lot longer and wasn't as easy. Personally wouldn't get again.
Love it
I was using a more expensive cleansing balm but decided to try this in order for me to save a few pennies. I haven't had any problems, it removes makeup really well, leaving no residue. I don't remove my eye makeup with this oil as I have sensitive eyes and feel like it irritates them but it's amazing on the rest of my face! I have been using this for at least a year now and will continue to use.
Good cleansing oil
I have only just tried this product, it seems to be really good at removing my mascara, I woke up this morning without any residue left behind on my pillow, as can sometimes happen with other cleansers. I would recommend this cleanser as a cheaper alternative to some of the more expensive brands, but do not find this as moisturising on my skin.
I got one of those, but really struggled with my mascara - it just didn't cleanse it entirely. It leaves the skin nice, but the cleansing part is a bit less effective...

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