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Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Cleansing Oil
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Love it
I was using a more expensive cleansing balm but decided to try this in order for me to save a few pennies. I haven't had any problems, it removes makeup really well, leaving no residue. I don't remove my eye makeup with this oil as I have sensitive eyes and feel like it irritates them but it's amazing on the rest of my face! I have been using this for at least a year now and will continue to use.
Good cleansing oil
I have only just tried this product, it seems to be really good at removing my mascara, I woke up this morning without any residue left behind on my pillow, as can sometimes happen with other cleansers. I would recommend this cleanser as a cheaper alternative to some of the more expensive brands, but do not find this as moisturising on my skin.
I got one of those, but really struggled with my mascara - it just didn't cleanse it entirely. It leaves the skin nice, but the cleansing part is a bit less effective...
It leaves a light soft feeling on your skin after use would recommend you try it
Would like to try this product is use most simple products from cleansing wipes the micellar water can't wait to try this 😊
I would love to try this as it looks like it's very gentle on the skin but also has vitamins in it to moisturise the sking.
I would love to try its.It look like very good thing to try thankyou
I'd like to try this product as I have sensitive skin & struggle to find a good cleansing oil.
I only use simple for cleansing and toning. Would love to see how this compares against the other products
Send it to me and let me try then I can tell you I have very senstive skin and looking for something I can use
I am very interested in trying this product... I have used Simple's Micellar water to remove my make up, and it's a great product! I wonder how this facial cleansing oil differs in quality and efficacy in removing my make up after the day. Will definitely give this a try! Thanks Home Tester Club for the recommendation :)

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