Simple Water Boost Hydrating Gel Cream

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Simple Water Boost Hydrating Gel Cream


It was ok for the price
Was an OK product to use if you are on a budget. made skin feel ok after each use. I personally wouldn't purchase again due to needing more from a product
My go to moisturiser
This is my go to summer moisturiser. I love the fact that it is gel based as opposed to the normal cream that you find so often. I find that this sinks in well and adds a good amount of moisture. I do find though that in winter this isn't enough for my skin so I only tend to use it during the warmer months.
I bought this when it was on offer and to be honest I was getting quite desperate as I have tried so many moisturisers varying in price but all seemed to let me down one way or another. I wasn't expecting great things from this product but it proved me wrong! It's amazing! The texture is light and can seem a little watery when applied on the skin, it does however soak in quickly and doesn't leave a residue. It has a very, very subtle fragrance. My skin feels amazing and I am no longer getting dry patches. My face is super sensitive but I haven't had a reaction to this cream. I am already looking to purchase more. I do use the matching face wash on an evening and apply the moisturiser on a morning. I would definitely recommend to anyone that has sensitive skin and has struggled to maintain a balance of super soft skin without areas becoming greasy or dry.
My go to for thirsty skin
This gel cream glides across skin like silk , it’s hydrates and moisturises without leaving face sticky , greasy or tight. It soothes dry painful skin and with repeated use leaves skin glowing , the price is amazing and even when I add other products into my routine I always finish with this at night
Great value
Good product with a reasonable and affording price. I suffer with sensitive skin and I have tried many simple products which have been fine and not caused any type of reaction.
So simple!
Simple is my absolute fav!! It’s perfect for my skin and feels lovely! This is a lovely product and would definitely purchase again!
Very good
Very good hydrating gel I use this most days leaves me feeling fresh and soft definitely recommend this to my family and friends
OK, but nothing to shout about.
I liked this product as it melted in to the skin quickly, smelled nice and skin is smooth. There are many products like this that I would rather buy though, as it isn't as.smooth a finish as some.
Like any other cleanser nothing particularly different. Doesn't dry out which is good .
Helps set my makeup
I find it hard to find a cream that'll keep my face hydrated throughout the day. This product works as the perfect primer before I put my foundation on, and will keep my foundation on my face for most of the day and my skin wont go dry or flaky.
The ingredients are so simple but amazing. My face feels so fresh after I use it and I only need a tiny amount for it to lather up. I like the fact that it’s so adorable and it does a amazing job at cleaning my face and making it feel hydrated, smooth and clean. I notice that my skin clears up within 3 days is using it. Highly recommend!
Great especially for the price
The product is super light. Cleansing but not stripping so afterwards you feel fresh and ready to continue with the rest of the skincare routine. I love that there are no perfume, essential oils or alcohol denat added. Great value for money more so that often is on sale
I love this product! I have been using it for 2 years now. I have a very sensitive yet dry skin and this product suits me. I love that it comes in a perfect size because i bring it with me everywhere. And the best part? Affordable!
Love this product really cleanses the face and doesn’t leave a residue
Light weight gel cream
This is very hydrating yet light weight cream. I love to use this in summer- no irritants and skin-friendly ingredients. I have always loved simple products for their simple and low cost formulations, easily affordable and wide availability.

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