Sistema Brilliance Multi-Purpose Stackable Leak-Proof Container

4.9 5 0 54 54 A multi-purpose storage container from Sistema’s Brilliance range. Designed to be completely leak-proof, the range’s containers are also stackable to save kitchen space. Store and carry sauces, soups, stews and liquids without worrying about leaks. This makes the container ideal for picnics, parties and camping trips as well as for everyday kitchen use. Made of Tritan plastic, the container is stain and shatter-resistant as well as being dishwasher and freezer safe. It also has steam vents in the secure clips for splatter-proof microwave heating.
Sistema Brilliance Multi-Purpose Stackable Leak-Proof Container


How fan
Omg I love these. I first saw them on Instagram and just had to buy them. My favourite thing to stir in them is soups as it keeps them nice and fresh just as it does with all other foods. Love them and will definitely buy more.
Great container
I always use this container to carry soups and sauces at work for lunch. It has a nice anti leak lid which makes it a great product. Sometimes I also keep leftover food in it. Takes less space in fridge
I'm a fan of food containers and Sistema makes probably the best ones. It doesn't leak so even a soup can be stored without a hassle. Highly recommend
great for use with microwave
This is great for me as i take food into work and reheat using the microwave, it has air vents in the lid which prevents food from splatting all over the microwave during heating, this is especially bad when the food is liquidy like soup or contains a high amount of oil like curry, it is also spill proof and shatter proof! my perfect buddy for on the go lunches!
Classic and useful
A nice quality, feels fairly sturdy, like it will last quite well. It has a simple classic design that looks nice as well. It is very useful and convenient, and I especially like that they are stackable.
Does what you’d expect
This tub a great for storing/transporting food as it doesn’t leak - at all!! The downsides for me are; it doesn’t fair too well in the dishwasher so I hand wash, and sometimes the seal is a bit too tight and my kids struggle to get the lid off without throwing what’s in it up in the air.
Bought it as all my other ones leak and it`s brilliant
Bought is in TKMaxx as was looking for a new leak-proof container as most of my ones seem to leak. It is great, not too heavy, the rubber on the edge does the job. The closing mechanism is easy to close and open without breaking fingers (sometimes I find it difficult to open/close other brands). It seems really durable and robust.
I like it
Very good containers, the lids are flat and you can put the containers on top of each other. I have purchased 3 sizes so I can use the size I need and I have more space in the fridge or freezer. Containers do not leak and no food smell comes out when you open the fridge door. The containers have a very nice simple design which I like very much. They are very easy to clean. Highly recommends.
Classy and reliable
Finally a guaranteed leak proof container. I got the small one delivered today and have just placed an order for the medium sized one. Tested it with water and there’s no leakage at all, so assuming something thicker like a soup or sauce would be fine too. Worth the money.
Love these!
My twin sons have just left for university so I'm still getting to grips with portion sizes which often means that there's lots left over m I use these to store the leftovers.
Lovely sealed box
Very well sealed and is easy to close and open . I use one as a cheese box so needed to be able to open easily.
Perfect staple for the kitchen
I’m very particular when it comes to containers. This one ticks all those boxes. It’s leakproof, they stack into each other, and it holds a lot. They didn’t stain either. I have several sizes and they’re a staple in my cupboard.
Great product
Very helpful when it comes to organising the kitchen and make everything look a little more tidy
Best for organised fridge
In love with how easily stackable they are. Leaves my fridge pretty and organized
Space saving!
I love these, they're brilliant at storing all sorts in, especially leftovers that everyone forgets about and they end up in the bin 3 days later. No spillages, which is even better! They're stackable, so they save on space as well.

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