3.3 5 0 6 6 Supplementary treatment for obesity and weight management† 1. Hunger control - feel fuller 2. Reduces sugar absorption up to 46%** 3. Reduces fat absorption up to 42%** 4. Helps curb cravings 45 x capsules
Slimfast Advanced 4 in 1 Action Weight Loss Capsules 5 Day Pack
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it doesn't really work
been using this for a few weeks and I didn't see any change
Slimfast advanced 4 in 1 weight loss capsules
What a waste of money, literally nothing changed and if you research about whats in the capsules youll find VERY VERY LITTLE of any product that could make you lose weight OR feel full, you can have a glass of sparkling water before a meal, it does the same thing for around 90% cheaper
Slim fast capsules
I just started it 3 days ago and you feel really full so far so good
Great product and so far have lost 3kg in a week and you feel so so full.
I fundamentally disagree with products like these, as I think at best they simply do not work, and at worst they can be dangerous. Anything that promises reduced fat absorption watch out - it has to leave your body somehow 🚽
I have struggled to try and lose weight, joined slimming clubs but they didn't work for me would really like to try these and see if they can help lose some weight

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