4.4 5 0 180 180 Share the fun of Smarties® Buttons!. Smooth white chocolate buttons filled with crunchy mini Smarties®!. A deliciously fun and colourful treat in a convenient Smarties® Buttons Sharing Bag. Coloured using food & plant extracts - no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Quality, 100% certified sustainable cocoa beans selected through the Nestlé® Cocoa Plan
Smarties Buttons
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The taste is absolutely amazing! Love the fact that it tastes so different yet doesnt eliminate the taste of the smarties!
These smarties are good if you like white chocolate. They're also great for decorating. I used them to decorate a cake recently and everyone loved them.
Perfect combo
Me and my daughter both love milkybar and smarties so these are the perfect combo for us. They just go so well together.
Love these!
As a huge milkybar fan, I have been so excited to try these! We bought them with our weekly shop and enjoyed them as part of our family movie night. They are quite chunky and definitely moreish! Its hard to say who loved them more! They didn't last long and my kids were asking me to buy more on my next trip to the supermarket.
Cheeky goodness
Love the mix of white chocolate and smarties. Good for family movie night, so I don't eat the full bag to myself. Prefer the white ones to the milk chocolate.
A very yummy treat but there aren't many in the pack and if the get slightly warm the all stick together and become one big chocolate smartie mess.
A lovely mix if things I would crave. White chocolate and smarties. I have a sweet tooth so don't find it too sweet. Most shops I've seen they've been on offer so not a bad price for the amount.
Very sweet
I thought these were tasty, however I did also find that they are very very sweet. I understand they are chocolate but I did find them to be very sickening also.
Lovely little treats!
I really loved the flavour of these, I felt like they are a good size however not many in the bag compared to the price. Would buy again but bigger portions please!
Love these!
i absolutely love these! Only downside is that there doesn't seem to be many in the pack as the pack does only seem about half full.
omg what a perfect mix these are, I could eat a bag to meself. My 4 year old daughter loves them too, they are a really perfect size for someone her age to, i don't worry about her chocking at all. The bag is reseable aswell, so good that they don't fall out. Will be buying again and again
Took awhile to finally find these in my local supermarket They are so nice there just not enough in the packet for me
Saw these on offer in my local shop so grabbed few bags and they were yum yum yum I could have eaten more of them tasted amazing 💖
A great combination
Saw these in my local supermarket and thought I would give them a go. Great combination of white chocolate and smarties. The chocolate melts in the mouth leaving the smaller than average smarties with that extra crunch and smarties taste. The buttons are a great size, not too small. The taste is perfect, I love white chocolate and the combination with the smarties did not disappoint. Will defiantly be in my shopping basket again.
Nice treat
A lovely treat of a perfect size. Delicious, creamy pudding and mini smarties. Perfect.

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