4.4 5 0 127 127 Share the fun of Smarties® Buttons!. Smooth white chocolate buttons filled with crunchy mini Smarties®!. A deliciously fun and colourful treat in a convenient Smarties® Buttons Sharing Bag. Coloured using food & plant extracts - no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Quality, 100% certified sustainable cocoa beans selected through the Nestlé® Cocoa Plan
Smarties Buttons
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Very moreish although I expected the buttons to be bigger and to have more smarties in them.
Not a fan of smarties but loved these
I’ve never really liked smarties, but I’m a big fan of white chocolate so I tried these for the first time over Easter and they tasted amazing! I have purchased them a few times since and it’s definitely up there with my fave’s.
White Chocolate Yum
I tried these when I seen them in Morrisons as “NEW”I love to try a new product definitely when it’s chocolate:-) loved them the only thing is there isn’t many in the bag but saying that I shouldn’t eat more then a full bag in one sitting lol.
Little loves them
Tried these with my little one and she loved them! Great little treat
I liked them!
I liked the smarties buttons, they had 2 mini smarties in each button, 3 in some! And the buttons were quite thick. They were a hit with my son too!
If you like white choclate these are really nice, they are small so be careful you dont eat the full packet. I would definitely recommend these to anyone who asks. P.s could add more smarties..
Nice but sickly
I love white chocolate and smarties so when I saw these I was very interested. I liked that they were big chunks and you could see plenty of smarties in the chocolate. I did find you can only eat a small handful because then they get quite sickly. This one is very sweet and definitely one for the sweet lovers
My new favourite!!
I saw these new in the supermarket and decided to buy a packet to try. I now cannot enter a supermarket without buying a packet. The obsession is real! My new favourite 'Smarties Buttons' are creamy white chocolate with that little crunch of smarties. They are very indulgent and my only complaint is that they are gone so quickly! I My son has developed a bit of a sweet tooth too and he very much enjoys these as well
I absolutely love these the chocolate is rich and creamy and full of flavour and I would highly recommend this product
An indulgent treat
I have these a few times and they are okay but I do find them a little sweet. It is something indulgent and a nice treat every now and then. Also, there is a good amount of buttons in the bag.
Sweet treat!
Really enjoyed these. They weren’t sickly as I expected they might be. I ate them on their own but they also make a pretty stunning topping for cakes. Could do with different sized bags as we found one wasn’t enough to share between a family of hungry teens.
If you like the smarties bar you'll like these, would buy again
So good
I brought these as a movie snack with my partner and I have to say we love them. They are just right for a little treat. A couple of them did only have 1 mini smartie in them and there could have been a few more in the bag as we seemed to finished them too quickly. Definitely recommend and will definitely be buying them again
Pleasantly suprised
Upon opening the packet I was very suprised. The buttons are a good thick size and have mini smarties in them. They taste great and my children loved them. Only down fall a few buttons only had one smartie in them.
Great for cakes
Really like these,not only do they taste lovely and screaming but they are a perfect size to pop on top of cakes just out of the oven. The chocolate slightly melts but if you leave them to reset, they are perfect for a quick topping. Kids loved them too

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