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Smarties Ice Cream
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it's okay.
Really not the best I've tried. The ice cream to smarties ratio isn't great, and the ice cream tastes quite strange. It's edible, but I wouldn't buy it again.
Can't go wrong!
Me , my partner and my little ones loves this! My children love the colours as well as the taste and me and my partner love the taste and the value for money! Would defo get again!
Smartie Party!
I like this - nice simple vanilla ice-cream and little Smarties. Ok, a few more Smarties would have been better but they're crunchy and chocolaty and fun to eat! It's not that moreish but I guess maybe that's a good thing...I eat less of it than other brands!
Not bad
Not bad if you enjoy smarties but the ratio from ice cream to smarties could’ve been better. Maybe it was just the tub I got but I thought there could’ve been more smarties. The taste was good though
Ice cream
It’s great value for money my little one likes it a lot I’m not so keen but if she’s happy then I’m happy
So colourful
Very tasty. I like the match . It’s so nice while I’m eating the ice cream found some smarties. So soft . Good quality and price is not high . I truly recommend it. I suggest to try in a cone
Kids like
Kids love this but for me cold Smarties and ice cream don't mix but if you have happy kids before bed its a thumbs up
Smarties taste bitter and the ice cream isn't near as tasty as the flake one. However the kids do seem to like the fact that they have smarties and ice cream together I'd buy this again for them, More of a treat for the kids
Pretty good
I enjoyed this, but it wasn’t my absolute favourite (I prefer the Flake one) but I still finished the tub! Recommend to others
Kids love them
Get these for my kids they enjoy them and sure try eat it all , they love smarties and ice cream great combo
My two favourite things
My two favourite things are ice cream and smarties, the two together are just amazing I would recommend this ice cream any day and it's great for kids, brings back a lot of memorys
Smarties ice cream
Would be better if smarties wasn't hard could have bean done differently if they where a separate tub on the ice cream instead of in it
What’s not to like?
If you like Smarties and you like ice cream this product is great. Lots of smartie bits, decent ice cream. A bit hard to get out the pot, needed to be out the freezer for a few minutes before scooping.
One of the best treats on a weekend watching tv. I really could eat a tub haha. On a serious note its creamy and soft then the crunch makes this ice cream.
Better than Mcdonalds ice cream. Kids and me love this want more would like to be able to buy bigger tubs

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