4.7 5 0 251 251 Nestlé Smarties Large Easter Egg is filled with the sweet and crispy little chocolate discs that will simply melt in your mouth. This gold wrapped hollow milk chocolate egg needs to be nibbled away to find the delicious centre - a handful of colourful, candy-coated chocolate Smarties.
Smarties Large Easter Egg
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a bit disappointed
I was a bit disappointed with this product as I just expected more smarties to be in it. other than that it was nice to share over Easter
Pleasantly Surprised
Got this just after Easter and was really surprised as chocolate was very nice and I thought the quantity of the Smarties inside was quite generous compared to some other eggs.
Great product
really great product. would definitely buy again for easter
Love love the chocolate egg and the smarties are good as well! If only we didn’t have to wait until Easter to eat these!
I love smarties
Its reslly nice to have an easter egg that isnt just an easter egg. It comes with some smarties too so makes it better than the plain ones. I thought the smarties were inside the egg that would be cool to see but overall a lovely easter egg and definitely one i get every year
Not worth the money
The chocolate doesn't really taste chocolately enough. It seems too milky. We opened it and tasted it and then left it. In the end I used it up in baking cookies
surprise egg
I bought it for my friend`s son, who really liked it since there were surprise smarties inside it. So I bought one for me as well. I enjoyed eating smarties chocolate egg, it tasted good, but it was a bit disappointing that the smarties inside were not full size. they were tiny and not that many of them. and some of them deformed. I know they taste the same, but if I knew this I would buy a different one as a gift.
Great Easter egg. More than enough chocolate, Good thickness and a absolutely lovely taste. The children really enjoy this egg. I would definitely recommend this to family and friends
Yummy 😋
Well what can I say!! I just love Easter egg chocolate. Why does it taste soo good 😂 amazing
too small filling
Of course delicious smarties but for Easter egg a little bit too small filling.
Great Choice
We normally choose a smarties egg at Easter. Nice tasting chocolate egg, not too big or small. The smarties are great too.
Firm favourite
This is definitely my favorite eater egg by far. The chocolate tastes exactly like the chocolate in the smarties
Love these smarties Easter eggs! Love that some of them come with the smarties inside so it rattled around. Also appreciate that all the packaging is recyclable, no plastic is fab!
Easter Egg
Love smarties easter eggs! also really like that there's no plastic with the packaging, all cardboard.
Same old
It’s been the same for years, good quality and good taste. I only wish the chocolate wasn’t so thin, it would be much better if the borders were thicker. Overall satisfied.

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