4.7 5 0 188 188 Nestlé Smarties Large Easter Egg is filled with the sweet and crispy little chocolate discs that will simply melt in your mouth. This gold wrapped hollow milk chocolate egg needs to be nibbled away to find the delicious centre - a handful of colourful, candy-coated chocolate Smarties.
Smarties Large Easter Egg
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Can’t go wrong!
You can’t go wrong with an Easter egg really! One of my kids favourite and always goes down a treat. Good value for money at this size. Would reccomend.
The best egg I have tried
My partner bought me that one and I loved it. Inside of the chocolate you have little smarties.
Not for me
I had this for Easter and I was not a fan. The chocolate wasn’t really tasty. I am funny when it comes to chocolate and I tend to only go to Cadbury. It wasn’t bad just not for me
Easter egg
My daughters get them for Easter they get the egg and the smarties left for me because they don’t like them. Not my favourite chocolate but can say was ok 👍🏼
Eggcelent Choice
Great sized egg and tats yes like nice chocolate - no cheap after taste! Also 2 packets of full sized smarties! Happy days!
I am a big lover of chocolate and especially Smarties. I found that the chocolate did not taste as nice as Smarties on their own.
Can't beat a classic
Great chocolate egg with the usual Smarties - who doesn't love a basic egg with one of your favourite treats? They are usually great value in money as well. And not something you can't find in your usual store.
Nice Chocolate
I was gifted this for Easter so I'm not sure of the price but the amount of chocolate in the box was very good! The type of chocolate isn't my favourite however, it was still enjoyable.
Great gift
Everyone loves smarties. It was a great easter gift for all my family mambers. Tasty choclate and very nice pakaging.
Childhood memories
I’ve loved smarties since I was a kid and a smarties egg sounded like a brilliant idea. I loved it!
Good quality of chocolate, it would be perfect if the smarties could be inside the egg loose, not in a separate package.
Smarties large Easter egg
We get this for our daughter for Easter she really likes it. She like the idea smarties is inside egg. , was worth the price. Next year we will gonna get it again
This was great! Fab sized egg, why does the follow egg always taste better than any chocolate bar?😂 smarties are a firm favourite in our house. All round win win. Would recommend
Chocolate heaven
The egg itself was so tasty and the tubes of smarties were a great added extra and it felt like it was so worth the money. Maybe a larger version next year. Definitely recommend.
Eggcellent Easter egg
My little boy got this for Easter he found it very yummy and enjoyed having the smarties as well as the egg

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