4.7 5 0 232 232 Nestlé Smarties Large Easter Egg is filled with the sweet and crispy little chocolate discs that will simply melt in your mouth. This gold wrapped hollow milk chocolate egg needs to be nibbled away to find the delicious centre - a handful of colourful, candy-coated chocolate Smarties.
Smarties Large Easter Egg
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Great Easter Egg
Great Quality as always with Nestle Easter Eggs, nice thick chocolate with a nice amounts of smarties. Reasonably priced for an Easter Egg
Chocolate heaven
Loved this Easter egg (well my sons) oops Smooth creamy chocolate and lots of it. I would recommend this egg to any chocolate lover.
Who doesn’t love a Smartie
Love nestle Easter egg chocolate! Never disappointed and bonuses treat off smarties too! Win win.
Lovely chocolate egg
Typical Nestle chocolate in a large egg, what could there be to not like? Shell was thicker than some eggs, and for a bog standard supermarket egg was a good value egg. Chocolate tasted just like Nestle chocolate. Was lovely
Fantastic price, didn’t last long
Brought these for Easter For some reason these were cheaper this year than previous years maybe had something to do with the lockdown Brought 20 boxes for an Easter Hunt around the house Didn’t last long
Smarties are one of my favourite sweets so an Easter egg combination is an absolute win for me. The chocolate is smooth and melts in your mouth. I have had 3 of these over the Easter and could not have enough!
Excellent for hunting Bunny
Great for gifts on hunting bunny for Easter, all kids and adults loving to search for them in a garden. Great flavor of chocolate. Sometimes we buying even during a year to have something to remain last Easter.
Can’t go wrong with a smarties Easter egg can you? Said I was going to start my diet before Easter. Ended up with 8 smarties Easter eggs. At least I’m chunky but funky with chocolate tho.
Was given this at Easter as I love Smarties...not disappointed! Lovely chocolate, couple of tubes of smarties inside. Not a huge amount of packaging other than the box.
My favourite egg. Reminds me of childhood. Delicious chocolate and smarties. Perfect.
Everyone's favourite
It's great, can't go wrong with Smarties, I love these easter eggs!
I usually buy this for my kids. The little one seems to like it a lot. This is a great gift too for your friends kids. Not for me as I am not a fan of white chocolate but kids seem to enjoy!!
Great value for the price!
I bought one of these earlier this year for my sister for Easter... needless to say it didn't reach her! A great sized treat for the price, just classic Nestle chocolate!
All my family loves smarties so we tried this egg and it was yummy and got some smarties too!
These Easter eggs are perfect for my 3yo and 5yo. They come up big, taste great and are affordable.

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