4.9 5 0 16 16 NEW! Exquisite high cocoa chocolate sweetened with unrefined coconut blossom sugar. 1kg refill packs available. Made in the UK using certified organic cocoa and 100% renewable energy. The greenest most environmentally friendly packaging possible - jars are refillable, reusable and recyclable. No dairy - suitable for vegans. No lactose. Gluten free - suitable for coeliacs. Available in 85g jars or a 1kg refill pack.
So free Vegan Dark Cocoabites
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Great alternative
Great alternative for chocolate. Being dairy free is hard but this product makes it a little easier! Bit on the pricey side but worth it!
Im always happy when there is something new for vegans and this is what i was looking for, taste great perfect for snacks.
Chocolate toasties
Chocolate is very much loved at home and this dark chocolate tastes good not too bitter and not too sweet,I normally don’t buy dark chocolate as it is not liked in the family but this brand has started coming into my shopping list .
Cocoa bites
These taste so much better then cadburys! Even my family enjoyed them too!. They taste so nice and smooth
Chocolate spread
I'm not vegan but went to my friends and she was making toast so we both had some with spread it was delicious not to sweet and not to bitter for a dark chocolate . It wasnt until my friend said it was vegan that I'd of known the difference. A thumbs up from me I now buy it myself
Review #2
Really good. Tastes like standard chocolate, but vegan! Was very similar to normal chocolate. Not super sweet, but not super bitter. No improvements. I would for sure recommend this.
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Amazing new discovery!
I'm not a vegan, but I am a fan of anything dark chocolate and I must admit that these are to die for! they taste so much like normal chocolate and you don't take notice that it doesn't contain any dairy. I would definitely recommend, but that can be a little pricey like most vegan alternative products.
So good
I tried these and they are so good, the chocolate is very rich in taste, but very moorish. You cant just have one and thats it.
Great treat
My vegan daughter bought these treats and I have to say I was surprised how tasty they are loved the jar also would buy again
I love the fact they are in a jar and not covered in plastic and are in the right size bites for a delicate but delicious chocolate I love the fact I few healthy having a bite and still get the chocolate buzz whilst eating
Finally some great tasting vegan friendly chocolate.
Bought this for my adult daughter who is vegan. She loves it. It tastes less bitter than other dark chocolate I have tried. I love the these not only taste great, but are packaged in a glass jar rather than the usual plastic pouch. Much more in line with vegan values I think. I’d buy them again as they were popular with all members of the household, not just my daughter.
I was a little sceptical about trying these as i don’t usually like dark chocolate, but i was pleasantly surprised with these, they were delicious and I would definitely buy them again!!
Great! 😍
It’s gorgeous 😍 so sweet and so much like real chocolate! Picked it up by mistake but definitely didn’t regret it after digging into it! Definitely worth looking into ladies!!!!!
Out Of This World
Bought this and will continue buying this product. The taste is one of a kind. Very unique and very different. Nobody can make a better product than this! I recommend this to everyone.

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