4.4 5 0 17 17 Special K Protein has been specially designed to give you the strength you need to make the most of every day.* *This bar is a source of protein, which contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass.
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Really tasty, nice little snack!still really high in sugar though and there are nicer lower calorie snacks available
really nice with the pumpkin seeds and blackcurrant nice combo just the thing when you are on the move..
Not s high protein as they make out, but still tasty. The fruity bits are quite punchy which I like. These have a fairly sweet-chewy texture with some bite from the oats and seeds. The almond butter isn't too perceptible unless you look out for it, but its nice all the same.
Recived these in a competition loved them good flavour filled me up thumbs up all the way
I just love them for breakfast, easy and on the go product and I dont feel hungry in hours!. This product with the blackcurrant and pumpkin seed is my new favourite product.
Great cereal bar that is superb if you have an on the go lifestyle. Tastes great with not too sweet but enough that it can satisfy cravings and high in protein. Would highly recommend
These are simply delicious and you forget that they are good for you as well. Win win really.
Asda had them on offer a couple of weeks ago and were giving out samples (albeit very small samples) It was sweeter than I expected, which for me isn't a bad thing. I'd definitely buy them but if I'm honest only when they're on offer. If you're following a low carb high protein diet just take a look at the ingredients first because there still fairly high in carbs! I'm sure you could find a more suitable alternative for your dietary requirements. If you're looking for a sweet snack to go with a cuppa than this will hit the spot.
I tried different brands of protein bars and would like to try this brand as well.
This looks and sounds really nice id love to try it and when I do I'll happily leave an honest review
have not tried this, looks deliciously healthy. Would love to try it before actually buying it in the shops.
I have not tried these ones would love to try as I'm watching what I eat as I'm trying to lose a bit of weight and looking for different ideas to help
looks good and healthy .would be great for kids lunchbox and mine too.easy to eat on the go .
I would love to try this product as I have not tried it but tried other Kelloggs products
I have tried a product similar to this. I have read the ingredients,l have never tried pumpkin seeds. I would love to try this one

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