4.9 5 0 10 10 Stonemill Chicken Shake 'n' Sprinkle Chicken Seasoning has been repackaged. It is described as a seasoning blend for chicken with paprika, dried onion and parsley that can be sprinkled on chicken for a crispy and taste change. The vegetarian product contains no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives and retails in a newly designed 52g pack.
Stonemill Shake 'n' Sprinkle Chicken Seasoning
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Excellent seasoning
I’ve started using Stonemill’s products a few months ago. The chicken seasoning is amazing and adds so much flavour.
Extra tasty
Love this seasoning, leaves chicken tasty throughout the meat
Spice up your chicken!
This is a handy jar to always have in the kitchen cupboard. It's so useful, it quickly adds a more interesting flavour to either chicken pieces or a whole chicken, you just sprinkle it on top. The kids like it too!
It’s a very good spice and I always use it and I will be buying some more soon
Spice at it’s best
Best for all curries and Bbq seasoning. Gives good kick with hint of Pepprica. Just go get it product. Economically priced. At times out of stock.
Great Product For a quick meal
Really affordable and tasty seasoning, great to use on diced chicken which can then be eaten with rice or in a wrap with veg. Can literally buy this from Aldi for less than 50p and make some great meals with it - the other spices by stonemills are also affordable and top notch.
Great, inexpensive seasoning
I have purchased this spice mix many times and it goes really well with chicken.
Chicken is nice
Chicken seasoning works good things when added to your chicken it’s tasty and very versatile i have used it on pork as well. Only down sid on this is the price its a bit much when your on a budget
Great flavour in a nice easy to use jar!
I really enjoy the flavour of this seasoning. Great to add to chicken breasts before grilling for a quick tasty meal. Love the pot that it comes in as well, I find that sometimes spices get stuck in the jar and I struggle to get out therefore you end up with nothing or too much, this was the perfect sprinkle!
So much flavour!!
This chicken seasoning is great when you’re in a rush cooking dinner and want to give your chicken some flavour. I have used it when I’m cooking my chicken for a pasta sauce, stir fry and loads of other meals. So cheap too!

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