4.5 5 0 120 120 - New Sunbites Veggie Harvest, the great tasting veggie and multigrain snack made with peas - Seasoned with extraordinarily tasty flavour of Caramalised Onion & Balsamic Vinegar - Veggie Harvest are perfect to enjoy during the day or to complement your lunch - Suitable for vegetarians - High in fibre 3 wholegrains, High in fibre, No MSG, No artificial; colours, preservatives, Suitable for vegetarians
SunBites Balsamic Vinegar & Caramelised Onion Snacks
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Super moreish!
I love all of the Sunbites flavours, but this one I found really interesting. Nice and sweet but toned down by the wholegrain crisp taste, it made these super scrummy and leaves you grabbing more packets. Would definitely recommend as a healthier crisp as apposed to Walkers, and they are packed full of flavour.
Very nice and healthy too!!you can buy them in most shops.
Perfect healthier snack
Loved these sunbites as they are bursting full of flavour and have a really nice crunch and texture. They feel a lot healthier compared to crisps and are incredibly moorish.
Very strong
Nice but too strong for me nice flavor and texture
These are fab so moreish full of flavour and low in calories definitely a great treat
Great snack!!
I bought these to try as I was looking for a better snack that was a little healthier and was pleasantly surprised. They are cheap and good value for money and taste great with a great crunch. Best for a grab and go snack
Perfect flavour medley
Strong flavour and a good crunch. Love all sunbites flavours because the flavours work so well together
Tasty alternative snack
Love these tasty healthy alternative snack to crisps.
Tastey Snack
Perfect low Calorie snack with lots of flavour, I have tried a few of the flavours for lunch and they were all delicious. I like the fact that they are a healthier crisp choice!
Crunchy Crisp
Lovely crunchy flavour to this crisp, just the right amount of onion and vinegar. Great with dips and salad, would love to see more flavours in this range. Good value for money.
The taste is insane, they are slightly healthier then the usual crisp. The only problem for me is there isn't enough of them, perhaps make bigger packs, I would still recommend this product though.
Absulotly delicious!! I really like these crisps there very tasty too! Would defiantly recommend to my friends and family
Nice snack
Really good flavour. Doesn’t taste artificial and isn’t over powering either. Really nice light low calorie treat
Great taste
My family and I really enjoyed these snacks, they have a really good flavour and taste great. They are a really good alternative to crisps.
Got to try before first.
I brought these when on a promotion in the shops. I tried it, well, it was OK, the onion flavour felt unreal or unatural. It was too heavy on the onion for my liking. If you put it with a dip then it's good.

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