4.3 5 0 4 4 A mild, mouth-watering Sweet & Sticky Barbecue sauce enhanced by the Tabasco® brand Chipotle flavour. Chilli rating - mild - 1, Suitable for vegetarians.
Tabasco Squeezy BBQ Sauce
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Great tasty BBQ sauce
Tabasco Squeezy BBQ Sauce is a mild, Sweet & Sticky Barbecue sauce enhanced by the Tabasco® brand Chipotle flavour. Chilli rating - mild - 1, and super easy to use and apply to meat like pork steaks to marinade or to add flavour to things like a burger. Great easy to store and recyclable packaging, good tasty flavour although would have liked a little more kick/spice, would definitely reccomend if you like BBQ sauce or tabasco.
Great Sauce, packaging let the product down as it constantly leaked
My son loves bbq sauce and always goes for this one if he can
Love love love this stuff!! Onto my forth bottle is as many weeks... Yes really!! If you like BBQ sauce then you'll definitely enjoy this. Really delicious! Hope its here for good and not limited time.
My husband and daughter love bbq sauce so this is definitely something that we would like to try
not seen this in stores yet,but cant wait to find and try it asap reviews look great for it
My husband is a barbecue fan, so we have tried several products, haven't tried this yet x
Another 1 to choose from sounds good though but there are so many brands and different types to choose from now!
Omg this sounds absolutely delicious! Really unique... I can't wait to try this
this sauce looks yummy ive not tasted other flavors from this range other than the original Tabasco that ive used for cooking. this looks like it would be yummy over some ribs or to simply dip some chunky chips in i will be keeping a look out for this one.
I've not tried this but it looks like it could be an interesting and tasty product,I have tried other products in this range and would love to sample some of this
This product looks very interesting I love a good barbecue sauce I would like to try this

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