4.8 5 0 46 46 Taylor's Spice Co. Himalayan Pink Salt Grinder is now available. This vegetarian product is described as a great alternative to table salt, contains no preservatives or additives, and retails in a 110g pack.
Taylor's Spice Co. Himalayan Pink Salt Grinder
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so much better than your usual plain salt!
Regular cheap salt isn’t good enough for me anymore. You have to have one of these in your cupboard! You can really taste the difference
Can't do without.
Been using this product for a few years now. I buy the big size, and for a family of four they last a long time. Bought it for the first time because of the colour, feels like it is a little bit more luxurious, very tasty.
Love the packaging
I bought this salt to see what the fuss was over Himalayan pink salt, and I still don't get it. I might not be capable of tasting the difference with a normal salt, but to me it taste exactly the same, so I can't really complain about the flavour. I loved the packaging with the grinder. Very useful.
Cookie cutter salt
Okay so this is pink salt. When it's in food, you absolutely won't notice the difference in taste unless you use an unhealthy quantity. The health benefits of pink salt vs table salt are negligeable, however, if you're out of things to spend money on, and want that 0.3% health boost, then absolutely I'd recommend !
Definitely Try
Wanted to change our table salt, so gave this a try. All the family seem to like it. Nice & tasty in the cooking, on chips or generally ground on top of other food. The grinder is easy to use and a great addition in the kitchen.
Great grinder always on my table
Have this salt always on my table, also like to grind little bit of this salt on top of my raw bread right before baking. Very handy for pretty much anything and grinding salt on your food is also so much fun, everyone should try this one
didn't really know how to use this at first but it adds another dimension to your food. it has a lovely subtle taste that i like. used it in food and neat on chips which were amazing highly recommended
Full of flavour
Great handy container that let's you grind the salt as you need it. I use this salt in all my cooking and to season food at the table. The salt has a flavour to it which really adds to a meal.
Pink salt
After a little research I have started using Himalayan salt.which is more healthier and looks more good sitting on your table top.this bottle has a grinding function and twists quite easily .
Great salt
This is a great salt and a lot more healthier than table salt, the grinder works really well and you can tell the difference between table and this salt right away.
Great product
Taylor's Spice Co. Himalayan Pink Salt Grinder is a handy way to keep salt on the table. Because I prefer to not oversalt my family choose to add their salt and spices to taste, and the grinder comes really handy
Great salt
This is a great salt, quite healthy compared to the refined one. Is not as salty as the normal salts and gives a fresh taste to the food in general. Grinder also works well.
Very tasty
I bought this as a replacement for table salt and I am very pleased with the taste and quality. The built in grinder works very well and grinds the salt into small chunks. There is a huge difference in the taste compared to table salt, as this tastes much more natural and my body also agrees.
Decent grinder
If your health conscious and want to increase your mineral count then this is something to consider, i found it more salty then cheap table salt and had no grit like other pink salt. It grinds coarse small flakes so great on tomatoes and boiled potatoe salads.
Really lovely tasty salt
Aside from being in a great little grinder, this salt has a really lovely taste. Really lovely lightly sprinkled over a salad, and great on tomatoes. Quite a savoury taste to the salt.

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