Tena Lady Discreet Normal X12

4.7 5 0 119 119 This pad is specifically designed for light to medium bladder weakness. TENA Discreet Normal offers discreet and secure protection for light to medium bladder weakness. Its microPROTEX™ technology ensures leaks, odour and moisture are quickly absorbed so you can feel confident. TENA Discreet gives you Triple Protection from leaks, odour and moisture. 1 Secure - Secure & discreet thanks to Body Shaped DryZone 2 Fresh Odour Control - Unique micro-fresh pearls reduce the development of odour 3 Dry - High absorption zone
Tena Lady Discreet Normal X12


Very discreet
Very comfortable and discreet, can't even tell I'm wearing one. I use these on a regular bases for safety protection so comfort is key.
Tena lady discreet
Very discreet, fits pants well and keeps me feeling safe and comfortable all day
Great product
Useful especially when you are struggling with incontinence. All Tena products are great, affordable &great quality. I have some spare ones on my purse every day.
Good for everyday
Upon purchase I found these product to be perfect for me for everyday using, I was surprised there how they good stick on my underwear and comfortable to use during the day, so for myself I decided to keep using them.
Discreet panytliner
I love Tena products, it’s light weight and very thin, I’ve tried loads of pantyliner brands so I’d say that this one sticks well and lasts all day, it’s comfortable and affordable.
Daily use liners
Great feminine product with light weight and comfort feel. Sticks well and protect well.
Tena Discreet
Great product, I feel secure and fresh when using them
Makes you feel safe and secure and feeling fresh. Great feminine product!
Amazing product comfortable no to pricy does the job
Quite a good pad
I found this was very good for leaks in the day , very absorbent. My only reason for not giving 5 stars is that for me the pad was slightly rough but it may not be the same for everyone
I don't leave my house without it
I absolutely love these discreet pads. They're very comfortable to wear and stick well onto the pants. It has a thick layer and protects leakage, but yet so thin and comfortable against the skin.
Great product
I’m someone who unfortunately has to wear panty liners daily. I find these keep me fresh and clean and are the right size too.
Affordable daily liners
Tena liners are best affordable panty liners for everyday use as we ladies need panty liners throughout the cycle so it is a good product doesnt irriate the skina and absrobes moisture quickly.
Dry Days
I have OAB so keeping dry and fresh is important , also being discreet and carefree TENA allows me to get through my day in comfort.
Fresh scent
Fantastic towels. I have been using these for some time now, and never had any accidents during all that time. Very soft on sensitive areas, and has a beautiful scent to them.

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