2.5 5 0 20 20 Marinated chicken breast pieces in a coconut and lemongrass sauce, with mixed vegetables and cooked jasmine and wild rice. Our Thai Coconut Chicken uses jasmine & wild rice for a fragrant and nutty taste. Packed full of flame seared and aromatic flavour notes, why not finish it off with a squeeze of fresh lime for an extra zing.
The City Kitchen Skinny Thai Coconut Chicken 370G
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Disappointing, wouldn't buy again
I occasionally buy ready meals when I do not have time to cook so they are more of a treat than the norm. Overall this was disappointing, very little flavour or texture, not a great portion size and packaging not at all eco friendly.
Decent ready meal
This is a decent ready meal, i'm not a big fan of thai food and this had a nice mild flavour to it. Good portion size and easy to cook.
Can't do it again
Bland and couldn't even get half way through the only good thing was you can reuse the plastic tub food looked good presented nice but not appetizing at all
Ok for a quick meal
I’ve purchased a few different options in this range. I mainly cook my own meals but like most people some days can be pretty jam packed and I’m unable to cook a meal from scratch. With a few teenagers living in the house I’ve purchased many microwaveable meals to keep the hormones happy 😉 This one in particular is nice enough but lacks a lot of flavour. Doesn’t compare to a nice home cooked Thai coconut chicken or a restaurant standard. The ingredients are a little on the limp & “unloved” side. Like I’ve said though, it’s ok to take away a lil hunger pang.
Good as far as ready meals go
Not your authentic Thai restaurant quality, but good on calorie portion and tastes good unlike others we’ve tried. Tend to buy them for work when tied and doing nights and long days as it can be difficult to get warm food. Tupperware can be reused too in the future for a considerable time which kind of alleviates the guilt of plastic in such purchases.
Pretty good
We tend only to buy ready meals like this when they're reduced or on offer, so maybe my perception is slightly different, but I rather like this. It doesn't quite taste as rich as one would usually expect from a Thai curry but I still really like it. Not too spicy, I like the coconut coming through in the rice, and the chicken is always good quality. I also appreciate that it is a healthier option, for which I am prepared to sacrifice some flavour (I know not everyone is though). There is room for improvement but overall it does the job, for me.
Not authentic
I chose this because I was in a rush and needed something tasty, I was quite disappointed. I ended up seasoning it myself so I won't be having it again.
So I bought this as a stand by dinner for work. Finally used it and it wasn’t too bad. I would have liked a bit more flavour to it personally.
Lack of meat
Lack of meat and flavour was a bit bland, edible but not really filling
Hard veg
Bought this on a quick whim and was very disappointed veg was hard and would Not buy again
I bought this on a whim, just saw it and was tempted. But was disappointed.I like my vegetables crunchy but these were hard and to be honest it was very bland. Very little flavour for the price.
Very yummy
Really lovely product, very tasty and good value for money. Will definitely buy again. It was quite different to the run of the mill ready meals. Would recommend to others.
Bland and boring
I tried this as it looked really nice It is quite boring and all the promised flavours do NOT deliver
It’s nothing special, it tastes fine, it’s quite small for the amount paid though. I probably wouldn’t buy again for them reasons
Not impressed
It did not have enough flavours and was very small portions

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