4 5 0 1 1 The Foraging Fox Coconut, Chilli & Lime Mayo is said to be full of flavour with fewer ingredients, and is described as naturally good with everything and better for everyone. This mildly hot product is free from GMOs and gluten, is suitable for vegetarians, and is said to be perfect to dollop on a chicken salad, as a side for fish, spread in fajitas, or as a dip for grilled prawns or tacos. The all-natural mayonnaise retails in a 240g pack bearing the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram logos.
The Foraging Fox Coconut Chilli & Lime Mayo
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The husband loves it!
My husband tried this flavoured mayonnaise recently and absolutely loved it. He's not great at tolerating spice levels, but this wasn't too hot for him, which was great. A nice smooth and exciting flavour.

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