The Meatless Farm Company Plant-Based Sausages

4 5 0 112 112 Whether it’s a meat-free fry up for breakfast, a sausage roll for brunch, or a comforting bowl of bangers and mash, The Meatless Farm's plant-based sausages are perfect for every meal occasion. Made using their signature mix of pea, rice and soya protein, these sausages have a delicious spice mix to give them their unique flavour.
The Meatless Farm Company Plant-Based Sausages


I personally prefer the Meatless Farm sausages as part of a recipe rather than a meat alternative on a breakfast for example as they are quite herby, something to bare in mind. Very tasty though and would have again.
Very tasty
Very tasty sausages Very easy instructions on how to cook I love fresh food these are ideal for the family
Adds some flavour to a cooked brekky
These are quick and easy to cook, only taking a few minutes if frying. They are really great on a fry up, they have a great texture and are full of flavour, also lovely in a hotdog.
Good quality
These were nice and good quality sausages, cooked well and some of the better meatless sausages I've had. I'd say they're slightly too expensive for me to buy all the time as I've also tasted better cheaper ones
I like it.
What I like the most about it, it doesn't taste like meat. It’s fast and easy to prepare. Nice for dinner, BBQ and every occasion.
Decent sausages
Thought we try these meat free sausages as our usual brand was out of stock. Cooked them in the air fryer and were very nice. The kids even liked them.
Not for me
Im always going to say i prefer meat sausages because i do and im not vegetarian but i always try to cut my meat down and im pleased there are other brands to help me do that as they were awful
Not Bad
These sausages aren't so bad if you see them as an alternative and not identical to a meat product. However I found they were quite dry after cooking the usual way, so I cooked them in gravy the second time and they were much better. The texture inside is slightly crumblier than that of a normal meat sausage and the flavour is like a blander meat but seasoned and quite herby. They are not bad if you're trying to go vegan but the price puts me off buying them again.
Meat free Sausages
They were OK nothing special to be honest I prefer meat sausages
Nice for a change
I tried them on there own & found them quite dry so made a tomato & vegetable sauce & served with pasta. Everyone enjoyed the meal and they are a healthier option than sausages. They make a nice change but do not think they are going to taste like traditional sausages because they don't!
These are good if you don’t view them as a replacement to pork or beef sausages, but an alternative. They work well in a casserole as they’re nice and herby and full of flavour
A great alternative
A great alternative to regular meat sausages. I've been trying to cut down on meat and be more healthy, and this isn't always well received by the other half. However, if I don't tell him he doesn't notice that they're not meat!
theres better options
now i am not usually a meatless sausage lover but after discovering one brand that nailed it i tried these too but honestly they were a let down. not really the consistency of a normal sausage so i wont be buying again
If it wasn't for the label I would never have said that they are meat free! They really taste like the ones homemade with meat. I really like the flavour and smell. Goes great used as a hotdog sausage o for an meatless English Breakfast.
Who needs the real thing
After spending 17 years not eating meat I gave up as struggled to find anything that was tasty or different. Time has moved on and there’s loads on the market.However this are brilliant for my whole family. They are great grilled, air fried, in the pan and BBQ. The texture is firm meaning they hold their shape. On top of that the taste is fab they are a great meat substitute

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