4.9 5 0 7 7 The Primal Pantry''s Cocoa Brownie Protein Energy bar is the best kind of brownie! Soft and delicious, super nutritious, made with hemp protein, dates, coconut nectar, cocoa powder, almonds, cocoa nibs, and almond oil. Not an additive, preservative, flavouring or added colour in sight!
The Primal Pantry Cocoa Brownie High Protein Bar 55g
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A great on the go snack
I like many of the products this brand makes. Any brownie with extra protein in never quite tastes as good as the real deal but with lower calories and single packaging it’s great to have in my bag/car as a not too naughty sweet treat.
Perfect for small eaters
I bought this as my mum has recently under gone surgery to remove her stomach and is unable to eat large amounts but needs her protein, was a great product and did the job at an affordable price, would recommend to anyone!
Super tasty and nutritious protein bar! the flavour is yummy! I always liked brownie dessert and not it is even better that they sell it in this way!
Tasty chocolate brownie
" I had some of chocolate brownie and thought they tasted great, its hard to find protein bars that actually don't compromise on the taste. The texture is really nice and so much easier to eat than a dry oaty bar. I would highly recommend Primal overall having tried a few of their products now. "
Perfect Snack
I love these Primal bars. Not only are they full of protein, but they're natural and not full of additives and sweetners like a lots of protein bars are. It's also entirely plant based, so great if you're trying to transfer to a vegan diet. They also taste amazing! Great cocoa flavour that feels indulgent. One of my favourite snack bars out there. Only down side is that they can be up to £2 each in some shops. Other than that I love these!
Natural workout
Absolutely perfect I find to fill my need for protein and give me a quick caffeine boost before hitting the gym or even after a session with the expression version too .Enjoyable and also a good pick me up at the same time
Available zinc minerals on the fast
Yes is a good prodùct As assisting with build up . Remain Feeling Good
The packaging looks very nice and inviting. The amount of protein is very satisfactory.it seems soft to the touch so it certainly isn't as hard as other bars of this kind. The amount of protein is a mega double dose :)

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