4.1 5 0 17 17 THIS is plant-based food for meat lovers. They have produced what are possibly the most realistic meat-alternatives in the world. THIS was created by two ex-burger chain founders who used their in-depth knowledge and love of meat to replicate it in texture, appearance and taste. <ul> <li>Ready-to-cook</li> <li>(Ridiculously) high in protein</li> <li>Fortified with vitamin B12 & iron</li> <li>160g</li> </ul>
THIS Isn't Bacon - Plant Based Bacon Rashers
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Amazing texture and taste!
These have a really great texture to them, unlike any other bacon alternative I have tried previously. The taste is also beautiful, so much so I ate the entire pack in one sandwich!
One of the best out of a bad bunch.
Vegan/Vegetarian bacon is one product that the industry does not do well. This one is definitely one of the best I have tried. The texture is thick and chewy which is not very good! But taste wise it is up there. My favourite is Cheatin' Bacon which does NOT taste like the real thing but I really like the fake taste! This one doesn't have much of a taste at all but is very good as an ingredient in a dish as opposed to eating on it's own.
Best plant-based bacon yet!
After turning vegetarian a few months ago I was on the hunt for a good bacon replacement and have tried many alternatives. I’ve got to say that this one is the BEST I’ve tried. Beautiful flavour and texture. I will be buying again. Thank you!
Really liked this product.
It's thick not thin like real bacon, but I liked the taste and flavour. The pieces are also short in length but long enough for a sandwich. Also must add that you get a good portion per pack compared to other similar products.
and you can tell
this product is nothing like bacon so why buy it. if you like bacon get the real stuff
It's definitely not bacon...
I'm a relatively new convert to a plant based diet and I thought these might help ease the transition. Let me say that they aren't the easiest to cook and it certainly takes some trial and error but I fully enjoyed the result. I wouldn't call this anything like bacon but it has a really savory umami flavor that I really love now.
Not the Best Bacon Alternative
I found this quite difficult to cook, it seemed to overcook really quickly. I wasn’t keen on the texture and I didn’t like the flavour much either, it was a little too salty. It isn’t terrible but I wouldn’t buy it again!
Fake bacon?
Having tried several fake bacon products i have to say this was not the best. It had a very strong smoked flavour and had an almost kipper like taste and texture. I work in a store where lots of customers love it so may be personal taste.
I was sceptical - pleasantly surprised . It did not smell too good raw- I cooked a couple of “rashers” on my open George Forman with fresh garlic and sliced mushrooms . Served in a vegan bap . Wonderful - taste buds alive
New plant based diet
I have recently started a plant based diet after 35 years of being a meat eater, I LOVE my bacon and this is the closest alternative I could get, it didn't taste exactly like bacon but it's not going to, I did however really enjoy it on a nice piece of dairy free bread.
A great alternative
A great bacon alternative, better than most other vegan subs as it tastes more realistic. Cooks easily and quickly and is great in a sandwich. Would definitely recommend for any vegans!
What’s not to like. A great plant based alternative
Great Alternative
Whilst I was impressed with the flavour and texture it is what it is and it isn't bacon, however it is a great alternative for anyone going veggie or vegan and missing the real thing.
Why mention bacon :/
I choose not to eat meat.. I don’t want a meat alternative I just want tasty meat free stuff. Whilst the name annoyed me.. the taste didn’t it was a lovely planten slice to have with my fried bread and beans!
Very good producct i like it i would recomned this product to all of you that u havent tried it very good

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