3.6 5 0 14 14 Thorntons Classic Collection has been repackaged with a new design. This assortment of milk, dark and white chocolates contains the following varieties: Orange Crisp; Creamy Fudge; Gooey Caramel; Crunchy Praline; Nutty Caramel; Honeycomb Baton; Strawberry and Cream; Triple Chocolate; Tempting Toffee; and Salted Butterscotch. The vegetarian product retails in a 449g recyclable pack containing 40 chocolates. The tray is made from 50% recycled plastic.
Thorntons Classic Classic Collection
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I used to really love thorntons chocolate, but I was really disappointed with this selection. I ended up throwing more away. I really didnt like this box of chocolates.
What a shame
I used to love Thornton’s Classic chocolates, but the quality of the chocolate has gone down over the years
I'm not a lover of Thornton's mixed chocolates, if I'm offered one or been given a box as a gift that I think "ooh" & can't wait to open them. But, I find they all taste the same, nothing really changes in taste per choc & I'm disappointed. For some reason I expect more of the Thorntons brand, I recommend sticking to Cadbury- sorry
All are my favourites but the creamy fudge is my absolute favourite one .I always choose the Thornton's Classic Chocolate box to give as presents . I have nothing bad to say about this
love Thorntons
love Thorntons these are my treat chocolates Christmas, birthdays great product you can taste the quality in each chocolate pricey so I only get them when i have a vouchers or as a treat but you definitely get what you pay for would and have recommended to family and friends
Who does not love this classic Thornton's collection. It is very good for sharing or just by your self. Great indulgence.
Lovely present!
Received these as an end of term present from some of my key children! Love the variety of milk, dark and white chocolate. Also love the amount of nuts and praline that was in this box of delicious chocolates! A great gift for anyone and readily available at most supermarkets so very convenient!
Not the best but okay
These are not the best I’ve tried from Thornton’s but they are okay, nice to give as a gift if they are a Thornton’s fan but in my opinion they could have done better with the selection.
What’s not to love? All of the favourites in one tray?! Definitely one I struggle to share.
A thorntons let down
I found these chocolates very much a let down as they didn't seem anything special. The flavours and textures feel a bit cheap and nothing like the thorntons you used to get. It really feels that they are hoping the name carries the product. However it does contain a good variety of flavours and looks good for a present or special treat.
Cheap nasty chocolate
I really did not enjoy this product at all. And was thoroughly dissapointed with Thorntons. As such an iconic English chocolate brand you expect something a lot better. Yet I would have enjoyed a box of Cadbury far more chocolate and fillings were not up to par.
A little boring
i am a big fan of thorntons chocolates hence why i brought this box. I dont think the choice of chocolates are the best snd they seem to be quite samey. The quility and taste of the chocolates were nice though. I think ill be sticking to the continental box in future
Great selection
I absolutely love this selection box of Thornton’s. There is a great choice of different chocolates including milk, dark and white chocolate. They’re not too expensive as a little gift to yourself ;)
Best of the best
I can never fault Thorntons chocolate, and this selection box does not disappoint either. A great choice of milk, dark and white chocolates with delicious flavours. Any chocolate lover would approve!

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