3.4 5 0 5 5 Thorntons Classic Collection has been repackaged with a new design. This assortment of milk, dark and white chocolates contains the following varieties: Orange Crisp; Creamy Fudge; Gooey Caramel; Crunchy Praline; Nutty Caramel; Honeycomb Baton; Strawberry and Cream; Triple Chocolate; Tempting Toffee; and Salted Butterscotch. The vegetarian product retails in a 449g recyclable pack containing 40 chocolates. The tray is made from 50% recycled plastic.
Thorntons Classic Classic Collection
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A thorntons let down
I found these chocolates very much a let down as they didn't seem anything special. The flavours and textures feel a bit cheap and nothing like the thorntons you used to get. It really feels that they are hoping the name carries the product. However it does contain a good variety of flavours and looks good for a present or special treat.
Cheap nasty chocolate
I really did not enjoy this product at all. And was thoroughly dissapointed with Thorntons. As such an iconic English chocolate brand you expect something a lot better. Yet I would have enjoyed a box of Cadbury far more chocolate and fillings were not up to par.
A little boring
i am a big fan of thorntons chocolates hence why i brought this box. I dont think the choice of chocolates are the best snd they seem to be quite samey. The quility and taste of the chocolates were nice though. I think ill be sticking to the continental box in future
Great selection
I absolutely love this selection box of Thornton’s. There is a great choice of different chocolates including milk, dark and white chocolate. They’re not too expensive as a little gift to yourself ;)
Best of the best
I can never fault Thorntons chocolate, and this selection box does not disappoint either. A great choice of milk, dark and white chocolates with delicious flavours. Any chocolate lover would approve!

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