3.4 5 0 12 12 TREK Toffee Triumph Protein Energy Chunks are deliciously different. Instead of relying on mysterious additives & syrups, TREK Toffee Triumph Protein Chunks are packed with a precise cold-pressed balance of powerful, protein rich wholefoods, delivering sustained energy when you need it most.
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Okay, but ....
These looked interesting, but I found that, while the aroma from the bag was of toffee, the overwhelming flavour impression was of nuts - and lots of them. I found the price of the bag to be a little high too - not as many chunks in there as I'd like to see for the price.
Not keen
Seems nice enough at first but then seemed to have not such a nice after taste. Nice big chunks and generous amount. Improvement on the taste , and texture , colour looked good though
Very moreish - buy the bigger bags of these at your own risk they will disappear quickly!! Problem is the single portion bags just feel too small... Very expensive so save for treats eg motivation to exercise :)
Personally I wasn't a fan of these. They smelt just like toffee, but we're overly nutty for me. Can definitely see other people who enjoy nuts eating these, they are great for protein and completely vegan.
these are my favourite companions in all my walkings and cycling adventures!! love the range of flavours, the taste, the different combinations of fruits and nuts. when you feel you need a boost ..please try one of these bars, it will do wonders for your body. made with the best ingredients.
haven't tried any protien snacks so would love to try this on as toffy is my favrout flavor
A lovley alternative to a breakfast bar I think. Good for low blood sugar drops. Or a quick fix between meals with a naughty coffee.
I have not had the pleasure of testing these as of yet but look forward to being given the opportunity
These sound really nice,if like things with a toffee flavour.I have not seen these before so will be looking for them in the shops
It look good high protein and fiber good on go for your kids snack at school
I love Trek Bars and Toffee is one of my favourite flavours in confectionery and health bars so would love the opportunity to try these.
This Looks delicious! I need more protein in my diet as I’ve recently joined the gym.. Probibly not ideal but they sound soooo nice! Can’t wait to try!

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