3 5 0 40 40 Beauty-Full Volume Reverse System Pre-Wash Conditioner
Tresemme Beauty Full Volume Conditioner
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Not as good as the other products
I love tresseme products but disappointed in this one.. Although lovely smell.. Not as effective as the rest
Nice Smell, Good Size, Poor Conditioning
Have used this for a week and I can't say that my hair have much more volume which was a little disappointing. Smell is nice, good size of bottle, but it's everything.
Not as good
I couldn’t wait to try this out, my daughter kept raving about it, So I was looking forward to trying it out with the shampoo, But to be honest I don’t think its as great as it’s made out to be! but everyone has there own opinion and may have a different experience from myself.
I was quite excited to try this product as the brand is usually really good and Iv never had a problem but I feel this doesn’t give the moisture to your hair like it claims. I feel I still need to use their other product to condition my hair after a wash to stop it feeling dry
I wouldn’t recommend this product at all , my hair is dry at the ends and didn’t do nothing for my hair at all, my hair was a matted up mess using this product . I have long hair and not recommended
As are all the Tresemme products, this is perfect for damaged hair and I use it frequently after swimming or holidays. The scent is perfect and makes my hair look good; all you can ask for. It also looks really professional which is pretty cool.
I cannot recommend this produce my hairs was so damage after this shampoo and in very bad condition.
I have just started using the conditioner and shampoo and I am getting great results. My hair is shinier than it has ever been and it is so soft. Love the scent -not too strong and very lovely.
I love this product, as it has last me forever along with the shampoo, and I find that you only need 2 pumps of it which is really good. I love the scent and how soft my hair feels after drying my hair. Really recommend it.
Easy to apply,only need small amount.leaves hair shiny and definitely appears thicker
Nice smell , easy to use and left hair well conditioned. Didn't notice more volume than normal though
I've only tried this once or twice yet but so far I love it. I tend not to use conditioner on a regular basis as it leaves my very fine hair limp and lifeless. Using conditioner before the shampoo makes much more sense for me. I've just bought the 3rd step of a mousse and I'll let you know how I get on with that after a couple of tries
Yes and apart from it`s value of size my hair ha improved
Would love to try this. My hair completely lacks volume
I haven't tired this type but I have tried quite a few for various types of hair I think I fit a few different types so I like trying new variety

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