4.4 5 0 386 386 The TRESemmé Moisture Rich shampoo and conditioner system delivers optimised hydration that targets dryness, locking in moisture where your hair needs it most. Created for daily use, this moisturising system with Vitamin E helps restore vibrancy and makes dry, damaged hair soft without weighing it down. Your hair will be richly moisturised, with a salon-healthy look and shine.
TRESemmé Moisture Rich Shampoo
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Ok I guess
Ok for price but I find it leaves my hair feeling heavy like it needs another wash straight away
It's okay
Unfortunately I cannot use this shampoo anymore. I used to love it but it makes my head itch and greasy. But that's personal preference
Not the best
I don’t rate this shampoo, leaves my hair with flaky scalp, and a lot dried than other moisturising shampoos. Won’t buy again
Good Shampoo!
TRESemme never disappoint, shampoo is good, leaves hair feeling nice and clean and fresh. would recommend it. i have long hair and this shampoo hasn't caused me any issues :) good purchase
good shampoo
I try this shampoo and i can say that i like it, my hair is very dry so it help my hair,
great shampoo
This shampoo never disappoints. It always delivers what it promises. It smells and feels great. It leaves my hair shiny and silky every time. I would recommend this shampoo to my friends and family.
I love it. My hair are soft and shiny. Smells lovely. Highly recommend it.
Washes good and leaves my hair shiny and soft but then other times hair feels greasy and sticky after showering. Does smell lovely.
My favourite shampoo
I swear by this shampoo, it leaves your hair smelling so clean and leaves my hair so shiny. I use this on my daughters hair too which is thick and long and makes their hair easier to maintain. I have even gotten my nieve into using this. Definitely a must have.
Silky & Soft
I like using tressamee products generally,washes hair good and leaves it shining ,goes perfect with its twin pack conditioner, would recommend this product. Bought large size.
I love tressamee ,washes my hair good and leaves it shiney ,goes great with tresses conditioner .would highly recommend this product
Leaves me hair feeling soft and shiny. Dont need much product
I have used this product for a while now but I am not quite happy with the way it reacts to my hair. Sometimes I come out the shower and my hair feels amazing and looks amazing but other times I go in the shower with greasy hair and come out the shower with greasy hair. Personally not a fan.
Sleek and shiny
Leaves hair sleek and shiny. With conditioner makes hair really smooth. I have thin hair while my 9 year old daughter has thick hair. Works just as well on both
Does the job
I'm a guy and it works for me - no issue post-use of this shampoo

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